warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Horsefly Hell....

Yes, two separate but equally funny incidents in the last few days have had me warily watching the sky's for these evil blood biting carnivores with wings.

Last Saturday evening, my brothers with their families and my crew and me, headed to Seneca Lake to scout out a place on the lake we have been told we can use to camp on the water for when ever we want. So after we found the wagon trail to the lake (after brother #1 made us turn around, frankly, I lost count how many times) we made a decent, yes decent.... We get to the pull off, I see Sister-in-Law #2 , fly out of their SUV, arms swinging over her head, swatting at whatever is attacking her, SCREAMING " WHAT IS THIS (Censored) JURASSIC PARK?"
"There are (censored) horseflies the size of BATS!"..... couldn't help it, we just all laughed till we were crying at her.... her husband included (bad bad brother, so insensitive)....I think he was laughing the hardest....

Did I mention this camp is on a cliff... Ya, a cliff, stairs to a 5 foot beach, nice dock.... So, smarty pants, Nate... My mom is on 24 hour oxygen and I know she would never be able to make the walk down to the camp so, Nate, pipes up and says" We could put Gram's on a zip line down the hill, when she hits the cliff and goes in the water, she already has her little scuba tank".....He is such a brat and my mom thought it was hysterical... My family is totally demented....

So for the next horsefly incident: Last night I head to Paige's, I have not seen her in a few days and frankly was going through withdrawals.... So she said come over we'll go in the pool and cool off.... Great.... So we are floating around on our noodles.... Next thing I know she is flying out of the water, swinging one of those noodles like a NINJA NOODLE WARRIOR at this kamikaze horsefly... I almost fell off my noodle in awe of the spectacle.... So the Noodle Ninja was born, I have never seen a woman more equipped to Mame, injure and kill with a noodle, I bow my head in honor of knowing such a person with this amazing talent (and frankly after watching her wield her weapon, I'm glad she is on my side) There were a few more attacks, but I felt confident in my friend the Noodle Ninja....


  1. I have had my share of horse fly bites...and they can take a piece out of ya!

  2. the noodle ninja huh . i believe i saw a movie named that once ....... never mind .. anyway those suckers are voratious and can really bring tears to your eyes .

    love nates idea . got a motherinlaw id love to try that with

  3. Look on the bright side at least they are not elephant flies...LOL!!! Nate Rocks!!!!! great story..:-)

  4. Hi hun,

    The noodle ninja..BRILLIANT!! Can't speak as I'm catching my breath from laughing..I think that Nate is going to be a comedian like his mum..

    Sue :)

  5. I hate those nasty biting GIANT Flies....ugly beasts!