warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm in trouble....

I am already a blubbering mess of mama.... I woke up crying... I don't think I can drop her off and drive away....

I want it to be the first day of kindergarten again, not college...

God help me...

Please send Kleenex....


  1. Oh hun...BIG BIG hugs enveloping you...Here - take the box of kleenex...Just look at it as another step in her life...What a great Mum you are...She's ready and independant... You can do it!!
    Love, light & Blessings,

    Sue :)

  2. BIG HUGS TO YOU!!! Oh, I cant even imagine leaving my children - well there are days that I can, but ya know - somewhere that I cant check on them every few days,,, I mean hours... er um, minutes every few minute.

    Seriously - I would miss smelling their fresh little bodys after a bath or smelling their dirtly little bodys before a bath... Or hearing them giggle in bed before they drift off... or hearing the manageri of bodily functions they can produce on demand... :)
    I love you girl and your girl is going to be just grand... you have done a good job raising her and she is smart, will do the right thing and here is the giant kleenex box.... love you baby.

  3. it will pass , hang in there kidddo. besides your not losing a daughter your gaining a whole dorm fulla kids . You seem like the kinda mom most of them would find cool. Pull on those leather boots and tool up there on your hot motorcycle and I bet that you will be the in mom

  4. It will get easier...I promise. She will cry you will cry.

    Then she will get married...oh, we won't go there.


  5. just checking in on you... LOVE YOU!!

  6. I have a hankey for ya, time moves on and you will get over it. Heck my mom was glad to get rid of me when I went off and joined the Army..:-)