warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No, I have not....

been hiding... Somebody stop this hamster wheel, I want off.... I feel green, I don't do well going in circles.....

Seriously, I have been dog tired since Sam's Graduation Party... Rag doll, tired...
75 chicken halves, pulled pork, salad's, dip's, chips and a fantastic graduation cake made by Paigie (yes, she is a very talented, cake maker!) Volleyball, Kubb and kids just running everywhere (mostly high on soda!, yep sorry about that, guys)... So many left overs and I was worried there wouldn't be enough food... and at the very end my two best buds hung around to help pick up, put away, then we got our suits on, drinks in hand and sat in the hot tub, catching up, reminiscing and just being girls. The perfect ending.

So to my wonderful gal pals that I could never imagine life without, Thanks, you two are always there, always....

To everyone who came to the party, thank you for caring about my daughter sooooo much, your gifts to her made me cry.... how lucky she is to have such wonderful caring family and friends, me too....

To my wonderful sister in laws and mom who helped with food and ice.... hugs and kisses.... you guys are the best.... love you....

Then I have been taking some time to do more genealogy, I have been on a vacation from that for awhile and have recently gotten some new info. that takes me in some new directions that is always very exciting for me and I tend to get in my own world as I chase leads and sometime these leads bring you to find out information about your family that is sooooo exciting, well at least for me....

I have had this grandmother in my research information for a few years, Mary Perkins Bradbury only to find out that this grandmother is also one of the woman that was accused, found guilty and sentenced to hang as a witch in the Salem Witch Trials. She did escape death...which there are several stories as to why.... But I am so excited about this info... Samantha has always been fascinated by the Salem Witch trials and to find out she is a direct decedent well... this kinda stuff is like Christmas to us..... We did a mother/daughter trip several years ago to Salem and just loved it there and ate up all the history and lore... now to find out we are part of it is sooo cool...
So, Ed I guess that mean's that I really am a Witchypoo! Who would have guessed?? I heard that!!!!


  1. That is just wild! I am going to tell my Becky who is also fascinated by the trials

  2. I am so jealous! I would love to visit Salem and see the site of the trials. And to know you are related....just so cool!

    I have been taking time off from my family research also, but have been getting the feeling to sit down and start again.


  3. drinks ?? hotub ?? women?? and I wasnt invited ??


    really know how to hurt a guy dont ya roflmao

    as for genology (spelled wrong) my aunt was sure we were decendent from english royalty , she looked back a cople hundred yrs and found out we are decendent from axe murder . poped her bubble big time ! lol

  4. Congrats to your daughter, one down one to go..:-)
    Thats too cool that you are a direct decendent of the trials. Its great you could put on such a great party, I can't remember even getting one when I graduated, just a diploma and a swift kick in the butt to move on...:-)))

  5. Hey hun,

    WOW...a real witchy poo how cool is that!!! Please let us know more of your family story I LOVE IT!!..If you have any attachments to the UK I can help you! I have found a web page that you can see if any of English medieval ancestors fought in battles..

    So come on..tell us the story of how she got away with her life..

    Glad that your daughters party went well...I bet the hot tub was calling out to your exhausted body by the end of the party!!!

    I have missed you and thank you for being such a caring friend :)

    Love, Light & Blesssings,

    Sue :)