warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

NYS Empire Farm Days - 2009

Even after all these years, still the place to go for a day of family fun.....

Here is this year's crew...

They look ready don't they.... well, I had to stay on the ball to keep up, I kept counting 6 heads all day to make sure I hadn't lost anyone... I came home with the 6 I left with, I'd say that means it was a successful day... but mostly it was the tired little and big faces on the way home in the rear view mirror, covered with cotton candy, fruit smoothies and that glazed look in their eyes, that said "how long before we get home?" L to R sweet pea, bean, Sam, Nate (aka hitman), GI Joe and Army dude.... Yes, their names have been changed to protect: ME! So the first thing out of Sweet peas mouth to her mom is "Yes, I had fun, but there weren't any rides, Huh.... I beg to differ, she climbed on more tractors than the boys!

Hey, lets swing on this, I told you they were part monkey.....

Now what farm boy, wouldn't want these angels in his combine... ahhhhh... sisters.....

Hanging out at the GREEN end of the street.... Sweet pea insisted on hanging on to that box of popcorn as she climbed on things, even though half of it would fly out as she climbed, then she yelled "Hey, who keeps eating my popcorn", ugh.... don't worry later she would look at me and bat those baby blues and say " Aunt Witch, I would really like some cotton candy I've never had it before" did I fall for it????? OH ya, big time.....

Here is my Bean, isn't she beautiful... even though I had to keep telling her to "Quit, beating up the boys!" and she is the one who came home covered in mud, I thought her mom would kill me when she saw her pants!

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  1. loooks like a wonderfull day to me , and btw as long as i leave with same number of heads, its good . i dont care if its same heads i came with. have traded up several times that way roflmao

  2. Hi hun,

    Looks like you had a fantastic day out..What a lovely bunch of kids you have..You're such a push over and the perfect auntie to have!

    I love coffee mans idea to trade up...MMM I'll have to try that next time *GRIN*
    Sue :)

    Was reading your facebook when I noted that you've updated this page...You have so many facebook friends already!!! BYEEE..Going to slob on the couch as I have a head throbbing summer cold.. :)