warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, August 7, 2009

So this is the whole spooky story....

Mary Perkins Bradbury, my gggggggggg grandmother..... baptized 1615, Hillmorton, County Warwick, England.. daughter of John Perkins and Judith Gater Perkins.

Came to America in 1630 on the "Lion" from Bristol.

Married Captain Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury, Massachusetts in 1636.

In 1692 at the age of 77, she was indicted for "certaine detestabel arts called withcraft & sorceries wickedly mallitiously ". She was accused of casting spells on ships and witnesses claimed to see her transform into a "blue boar". She was found guilty of being a witch and sentenced to be executed. Despite the 100's of people that testified on her behalf...
Those sentenced with her did died, it is speculated that due to her distinguished family that her execution was stalled then the frenzy came to a halt, some say she escaped aided by her family, there is also a claim that the jailer was bribed.

She died in 1700, of natural causes at the age of 85.

So that is the story of our "Witch"....

I can't help but wonder why a "Blue Boar"....

I am also the 26th generation direct descendant of King Edward I "Longshankes" King of England, 1272 to 1307 , known for his revision of the government. First son of Henry III.

You can see this didn't mean much once you were a Colonial... except for the sparks of dissension that have managed to stay alive through the many generations. True blooded Rebels.... Yep, thats me with a capital "R".......

Hey, and coffee man, I think an axe welding crazy in the tree is cool... are you sure he wasnt royalty, there was an awful lot of "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS"!


  1. My brother is always excitited when I hit a blood blue line, but I always say----and it dessolved down to us, just plain folks. He really doesn't like. But Hey! I'm cool with it.


  2. It may be blue, but we still all bleed the same color, anyhow...

  3. I have a published book that was put together by my aunt and cousin going wayyyyyyy back . however its interesting and fun , i like seeing the stuff , hands on items that relate back to that period . for example I have a collection of straight razors started by my ggggg grandpa ( not sure how many g's) late 1700's that kinda stuff cranks my windmill.

    and i believe you are from royalty , umm huh , no doubt . "chuckles" you have been refered to as a " royal......" just like I have for years *snorts*

  4. So she put folks to sleep while telling sad stories??? You forgot to mention longshanks was the one who persues Sir William Wallace and was eventually defeated by his forces after his execution..:-)
    p.s thanks for the offer to help out during my almost crisis, you are a true friend..:-)))))