warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, August 10, 2009

who is driving the happy bus today....

not me.... I'm licking the windows in my own little world. Any body else get a kick out of Hoops and Yoyo? I could stand there and open their cards all day and laugh... My kids usually book the other way and pretend not to know me.....

Yesterday, was my birthday.... so..... I turned 41... My age has never bothered me. This birthday was diffrent. For the last 18 years I have shared my birthday with my EX. This year I was on my own... ya, there were some growning pains.

My parents made an appearence in the morning, Brother #1 and family in the afternoon and Brother #2 and wife, had me and Nate over for a bonfire in the evening. I had a big glass of "Fat Frog Red" from Montezuma Winery, yum... All of them making sure I got through the day, knowing it would be a ruff one for me. I just stayed home and did my own quiet nothing, it was a good day for sewing with all the storms that came through...

So whats next? not sure.... hmmmmm, maybe its time for a new EVIL plan....

Paige, where are you???? Hey, answer your phone, its me, pick up...... come on...... ( I really don't like it when your phone, says "please hold while your party is reached"..... why don't you just answer it????

Come on, I have an idea..... what do you mean it better be good.... It's ALWAY'S good.... Nope and we don't need gun powder for this one, well maybe, nope better not..... Of course, you won't loose your eyebrows this time.....last time was your own fault, I told you not to stick your face that close..... Geeze, ye needs a little more faith and a lot more life insurance.....


  1. Oh Man I wish I knew it was your B-Day yesterday! So Happy D-day to you, Happy B-day to you Happy B-day dear Witchypoo, HAPPY B-DAY to YOUUUUUUU... :-)))))

  2. Hi hun,

    OH!! belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY..(I was going to sing to you but I thought that it would start everyones dogs howling *GRIN*).I wish that I had known! Glad your loved ones surrounded you... :)

    Life insurance..missing eyebrows..Do your friends demand danger money ?? *GRIN*..So come on spill the beans....What's the plan?

    Love, light & Blessings,

    Sue :)

  3. 41 huh just old to start having fun . grins

    as far as the happy bus is concerned , you may not be driving , but from this post id say you defiantly a frequent passenger

  4. Happy Birthday!!!


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY lady. So glad you got to spend time with your family on your special day. :)

  6. YOu have the same birthday as BIG SON!!!! WOO HOO he turned 11~~ stop licking the windows, you need to change my drool bib..