warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life of a duck in the Willows....sucks....

This shot is for Linda....Terry claims that she only gets butt shots over at Colorado Farm life...So in her defense who can resist a good butt shot. Terry its a

but really he was getting the oar to go after the poor crazy ducks that think they are chickens... So I have re-named them... They are Ducken's...

Nope that is not something you can get at the drive in window at Dunkin Donuts.... Thats our stupid ducks....

Here they are on the run.... Here comes Evanzilla...
Run... Run....Run..

Finally in the water....

Somebody please call the animal help line.
We are sick of the forced march to the water every morning.
We wanna hang with the chicks in the hen house, eat, drink and be merry....
This sucks, what about duck rights? We want a lawyer... Where is Daffy?
AND what is it with that Big Guy and the oar? Where is his boat? Do we look dirty? Corn, Corn every morning...What about a new menu..huh?


  1. Not so sure I am enjoying this format... MY photos and text seem to just go where they want... I am getting irritated.... So I am going to have to fix this look, sorry please be patient with me....

  2. Terry and I had a delightful laugh this early morning!


  3. ROFLMAO! that is too funny! Ever heard of Turduken...MMMM!!

  4. I am sitting here imagining sweet and sour duck . hmmmmmmmm I love it hmmmmmmmmm be back later , I am headed to chineese for lunch byeeeeeeeeeee

  5. They are all really cute! Did Evan bring them to the homestead?