warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angels among us....

Angels that walk among us do not always perform earth shattering feats, sometimes they are small and so personal that they can never be forgotten...

You will have to forgive me but for some reason this holiday season my Grandpa and Grandma Searles are heavy on my mind and heart.... I am not sure why... yet... I am sure its purpose will reveal itself when I least expect it.... in the mean time the memories keep coming in larger than life flashes that seem to need to be shared.

So back to these angels that were out in force on this particular day.... the Estate Auction for my Grandparents. I cried most of the day...trying in earnest to buy as many of my family treasures as my meager funds would allow, but unfortunately for me and my sister in law there were many antique mongers in the crowd with unlimited coffers. My father and brothers refused to attend (my father couldn't bare to see it all sold, by his heartless sibling). My success was very limited...

But at one point a man came up behind me and in my ear asked if I was family and asked me not to turn around.... I said yes, I was a granddaughter.... He explain he was going to slip something in my pocket and just to take it and not look at it till later. I said OK, (I was kind of freaking) but remained calm on the outside while he put the treasure in my pocket. Later my sister in law and I rushed off to our car to see what it was.... It was the book of record from my grandparents marriage ceremony, with their witnesses, place and the person who married them. This family treasure was just thrown in a box to be sold so shamelessly... I had a new disgust for my Aunt.

It also revealed that my grandparents all these years had added a year to their marriage date.... hmmmmmmm.....

Next, I was bidding on a lot that contained my grandmother's Christmas ornaments. Alas, I lost the bid, I just couldn't afford to go higher.... I was heart broken.... My sister in law and I strolled over to the lot for one last look at the ornaments... the woman who had out bid me, became gruff and stated that "these boxes were already sold to her".... I calmly explained that I knew that but they were my grandma's ornaments and I hadn't seen them since I was little and I just wanted one last look, I didn't intend on messing with them.... so we walked away and started gathering the lots we had been able to purchase (including my fathers own toys).... Next thing I know this same woman is approaching me with a box....she gave me my grandmothers ornaments... and wished me well....

These two Angels will never know what their kindness meant on that day and still means to me, especially this year for some reason....


  1. Hi hun,

    I'm glad that you managed to get some of your precious things...What a special story of giving at such a sad time for you...There are some precious people out there :)

    Snow :)

  2. You made me cry! I so understand.


  3. Sometimes one does not even know what to say. This is one of those times.
    But I commiserate with what you faced......and with a loving heart you were able to accept....
    It is NEVER easy.
    ♥♥♥ Hoping you have a truly lovely Christmas and New Year! ♥♥♥

  4. Oh Man! You did'nt ge to go through your family things before your aunt sold them off???? THAT SUCKS!!! I'm glad you got a few things and those folks will be rewarded in their own way. I'm lucky enough to have already aquired my dad's coin collection and added to it over the past few years.