warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, December 21, 2009

I just remembered....

a really funny story from when I was a kid, yes, I know it was soooo long ago... (Let it go already!)

Our play fort was next to the road, in a grove of lilac trees almost in the ditch.... I know what a terrible mother I had, not only did she let us play next to the road we also played in the ditch... we could have be flattened in the road and drown... all at the same time... How did I ever survive... shear will power I tell ya.....

Anyway, the crop farmers down the road were always zinging up and down the road in front of our house with their big trucks and tractors. I would poke my head out from the bushes and stick out my tounge at the drivers and blow rasberries, I know, such a brat with at capital B....Yes, I should have been beaten more......

Well one day, I was sitting on a rock and along came one of my victims....Mr. Durfee...so I gave him a big ole rasberry.... he hits the breaks on the tractor....looks right at me and gives me a rasberry right back and sticks his thumbs in his ears and gives me and elephant wave at the same time.... I rembember the shock freezing on my face.... so much so I fell off my rock, right into the ditch....SPLASH!

Over the years this bit of humiliation was replayed over and over well into my teens, but Mr. Durfee loved me and always was ready with a rasberry just for me... He and his wife would call me to babysit their granddaughter for them... We lost him a quite a few years back now, but I have far from forgotten....

Merry Christmas, Mr. Durfee (not sure if I should look up or down, ya ole pain in my arse!)


  1. its funny how as we get so much " OLDER " like you are now , how those momenst come back to us . Seems like I remember more of my childhood now than ever before

  2. The grandchildren had great fun with the houses. I'm sending you photos.


  3. I laughed right out loud at that one. What a sweet and funny story!

  4. Yep! It's a wonder we did survive. I wonder if children build dirt clod forts and play "war" tossing dirt clods at each other. Probably not. Wouldn't be allowed these days. They might get a scratch. Great memories.