warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wallenback Inn - Enfield, New York

My father was born in the Wallenback Inn in 1947. According to him, his twin sister was the last of their siblings born in the house, because he came first....

My grandparents had seven children and all of them still grace this earth. My dad claims he his still here by the skin of his teeth.... never did much understand that analogy.

The Wallenback Inn was a stage coach stop on the Catskill Turnpike. At one point and time it also hosted it's fair share of local ho downs. Upstairs through a huge beautiful arch was a large room used for dances. The floor in this room at one time was suspended by thick leather straps that allowed the floor to move freely from the structure itself.... Quite cool...

There is not much written history about this Inn(other than the historical marker in the yard), but we do have some family lore... The previous owners to the property the Johnston's gave my grandparents (in the 30's) a pocket watch and a gun that they said were to stay with the property and as long as they were there, the owners would not have issue...

Well, when my Aunt sold the property out of the family in early 2000 (my brother was trying to buy it)... the watch and gun were separated from the property, the new owner had nothing but problems with renovations and could not continue....the house now sits vacant... a ghostly shell...but she has yet refused to lean or sag.... its like she is waiting for one of us to have a chance to come home.....

As for the watch and gun.... they are safe.... I know where they are.... time is a funny thing...winds of chance are always changing.... the future is never written until its the past....


  1. would love to see pics of the old place , buildings like that are usally quite beautifull

  2. Well said!