warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RIP >^..^< Roo

Tuesday night we lost a member of our family.... Russell the Cat... "Roo" for short....

Mr. Roo came to live with us via the dairy farm as a kitten... He was about 15 years old... He used one of his nine lives very early when he was hit by a car. He dragged one of his back legs for a very long time, eventully regaining use of it.

He survived the house fire and this past fall we discovered he was totally deaf. Mr. Roo was an easy going guy that put up with Samantha dressing him in doll clothes and a few other indignaties at the hands of small children... He paid them back by killing their beta and goldfish!

You will be missed... >^..^< Mr. Roo!

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  1. Sorry for your loss , Time will heal and so does a brand new kitten ! hint hint