warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is Pete...

He has many names: Texas Pete, Pretty Boy Pete, MULE, God damn it, Pain in my *ss, to name a few....

I know he looks so sweet in the photo, but unfortunatly I never had time to get the camara up when he would try to buck my head off... He has settled down in the last year, it really helped getting a farrier that had no problem putting him in his place and gave me more self confidence to handle him... Ive had Pete for about 2 years.

He is now about 4 years and that is the recommended time frame for Halflingers to be broken. So he is going to be broke to ride and ground drive, if the trainer can get something to hook him upto he will do some driving with him and possibly some log pulling... After meeting Joe, I felt so much better about the investment we are making in training Pete. Joel really wants to learn to drive and use him to skid logs... I just want a horse with manners, that the nieces, nephews and myself can ride.

I will try and get some photos of everything that is going on around here posted...


  1. He does look kind of tame. Wonder what he's plotting?

    Never had much of a desire to ride or drive a horse. Something about the care and feeding even when not in use. That and the bucking.

    But I know several folks who own and love their--overly large to my eye--pets. Some ride a lot, others hardly at all.

  2. He is super cute. My Mum has a Halfie named Peggy Sue.....I call her Piggy Sue or Piggers for short. Because she can subside on air. I'll have to get a photo of her posted soon. Love Halfies!!!