warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memories...Love my Mama...

Well first you will notice the header change... Samantha didn't like the photo, she thought there were too many shadows and it looked spooky. So I changed it with a photo from this article.

So what is this all about...19 years of stitching and thoughtful contemplation on behalf of my mother, a gift to me, a catalog of all the love she has for me, a legacy that I will be able to pass down to generations to come. This quilt is entirely hand pieced, each block was pieced by my mom and the 4 hearts in the corners were appliqued by my Aunt, then my mother hand quilted the top and edges.

The fabric in the blocks is from my clothes that my mom made me as a child and pieces of fabric from the dresses that she made my grandmother, so each block is me and my grandmother together, it's funny that my mom found away to make it so we could be together forever, she knows how much I still deeply miss grandma and its been 22 years since she passed away.

I drove in my parents driveway on Sunday morning and the quilt was hanging on the line, washed and dried. I walked in the house and said "Really, its all done, I can take it home?" My poor mom has been the brunt of many jokes about her finally getting it done over the years... It takes my breath away every time I walk in my bedroom. I slept really well that night, how could you not under all that love.

Mom, there arn't really words to express how I truly feel about this gift, you put your heart and soul into these stitches...You have always let me know I was/am loved and I am one lucky kid to have been raised by a wonderful, gentle, talented woman such as yourself.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother! She sounds wonderful and has clearly raised a wonderful family.
    We have quilts made by my mom too and they are so special to us....warm with love that goes beyond the fabric, and warms your heart along with your body. I just got off the phone with her...she is getting out of the hospital today..and she was planning a quilt for my nephew. You gotta love moms and quilters...and especially moms who quilt. Thanks for this lovely, comforting post about your mom.

  2. Hi hun,

    WOW!! Such a gorgeous quilt made with so much love and so many memories..It chokes me up just looking at it. You have a wonderful Mum. What a fantastic gift to have and to pass down.It's priceless!

    A wonderful gift for a wonderful lady.How fantastic that it is finished now *SMILE*.

    Sue :)

    I am a Fire Rainbowweb Fairy :)

  3. Very nice. I miss my Mother very much.

  4. WOW! What a lovely tribute! What a lovely daughter you are!


  5. OH, I cried as I read this post!!! I can honestly say its the MOST beautiful quilt I have ever seen... I love it... Someone cant make somthing so beautiful and not have so much love to put in it!! Girl, you are LOVED! Hope to hear from you soon!