In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bear Paws for Pop's

is the next quilt block on the sewing table.  I think the hexie quilt needs some applique but until I find out what I should be putting on it, it's on the shelf.

  I few weeks ago I saw a Bear Paw quilt done by the Amish in traditional calico and I knew that is what I needed to make for my Dad. 

 In all the fabrics that my Aunt Donna sent me home with last month, there were this green background, red background and a black background (not pictured) matching calico with a small floral, that I thought would be perfect and they are.  

The blocks are 14 inches and I will do 16 Bear Paw blocks and 4 blocks in the red calico with a black bear applique, at least that is the plan right now.

Sunday morning was baking day in my kitchen, by the time I was done, there were apple peals where no apple peal should be, my cloths went directly in the washer covered with flour and more flour. There were bits and pieces of dough everywhere, it looked like a pie war...but I won!

One for home, a few slices for dad, one for the office, two tiny ones for friends to celebrate their birthdays!

I am also working on my crazy quilt blocks (sorry no photo) and my sheep virtues, I am now on Peace, 9 down and 4 more (including Peace) to finish.

One of my nearest and dearest are still meeting on Thursday nights to crazy quilt, so I will get photos this week to keep you in the loop.

I did also spend sometime in the yard yesterday,picking up limbs, raking up pine cones, twigs and dog poop alley... Its been a long winter and the pups did not venture out into the field like they usually do, so their business needs to be cleaned up. At least they kept me company and looked sad that I had to work so hard on their behalf.  Now I just need to get the 4-wheeler hooked up to the wagon so I can haul it off to the yard waste pile in the woods.  Hopefully we will have some warm evenings so I can do it after work.  Tonight is tax night...sigh...hope its in our favor this year.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Green Hexie Quilt Top

is put together... I have to say my vision isn't meeting up with my expectations.  So I have folded it and placed it on the shelf.  I am missing something and I don't know what it is....yet..

Now, these were not missing anything!  except more of them... New cookie from the kitchen was a hit!  

So I am back to the cross stitching and working on hand quilting my grandmother's quilt top.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

In 1995

my mom took this photo of my Dad and Sis.  Still miss her everyday when I go to the barn, she came to us when she was seven and lived to be 31, so she was a huge part of our lives.  Dad gave the photo to me after mom passed away in December.  I hope this means that Mom and Sis get to enjoy a few rides again.

Friday, March 20, 2015

It makes me feel bad when

 my husband comes in the Kitchen and says "That smells good, whats for dinner?" and I have to tell him it's the dogs food...

I know the dog eats great, rice, green beans and chicken this week....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

As I said

in my last post, the Irish soda bread I made, did not float my boat, taste wise.  So, I didn't want to think I had wasted my time, ingredients and propane to bake two loaves of "in the trash" or chicken feed.  So I sliced and diced the bread and seasoned it like I would Thanksgiving Stuffing and put it in the oven.

It made some delicious, croutons. 

So on to the next bread adventure.... When I made the Irish Soda Bread both my husband and my dad said the same thing when I said I was making some bread "Is it sourdough?"  Even this girl can take a hint. 
 So after an exhausting search on Pintrest. I found this recipe I wanted to try its called Friendship Sourdough.   Below is the starter and tonight I need to feed it, then stick it in the refrigerator for the next 3-5 days.  Then I can bake this weekend.

I feel like I am creating a Gremlin, that I have to feed and keep out of the water. 

  But at least I will be able to answer next time "Why, yes it is Sourdough" and make the guys in my life happy. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

weekend shenanigans

really, it was a kind of relaxed... I cleaned for my dad, cooked for the hubby.  Samantha came to do her laundry and did some cleaning for me and stayed for dinner.  I think the scampi crab in sun dried tomato Alfredo, made her want to stay for dinner, and it was really yummylishus!  I know that's not a real word according to Webster, but he is dead so I can do what I want.... YUMMYLISHUS!

Nathan, aka Boywonder to his Mamma, that's me.  Had a weekend of senior activities at Elmira College.

Nate and his very cute as a button date.

Nate, some of his friends and I believe Elmira College President.  I am so proud of this kid.  Both of my kids, but as I see him grow into this man, my heart is so full.  Life was not a cake walk in those years, but I know they had everything to do with how my kids turned out to be hard working responsible, respectful people and I would go thorough it all again, to have them just as they are.

Me, well I got all of my hexie's done and ready to sew into flowers, cleaned up a bit, got the exercise equipment moved to the recently vacated loft. 

I did make some Irish Soda Bread that was less than desirable...I will make it into bread crumbs or something...Chickens might like it.  I am going to try and make some friendship sourdough starter tonight, then next weekend I can try making that bread.  I really would like to stop having to purchase bread so we are not eating all the garbage that is in processed bread.  Little by little we will get there.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Coming out of...

the kitchen today is: 

Shortbread cookies with sprinkles...

this is a new yummy that I have been making.  I used Susan Branch's recipe.  I threw some sprinkles in the dough, because lets face it plain short bread cookies can, well look plain and I wanted mine to look fun.  It is cookie day at the office.  Every Friday the 13th we had a lady that would bring us a spread of cookies to make it a LUCKY day.  Alas, she retired from cookie day the first of the year, so to keep this wonderful tradition going, we all have been bringing in one type of cookie to share on Friday, the 13th.

 Finally, I can show you the results of my fabric folding rodeo...lets hope I don't fall off this horse again, because getting back on the organizational horse just takes too much effort. 

I hope these efforts will make it easier when I start a new project to get the fabrics I want and not have it be such a struggle to get things started that I get discouraged before I even get out of the gate.

All the large folds are a yard or more of fabric and the little stacks are a yard or less and fat quarters.

I separated out my fall, Christmas, baby, and fabrics I bought as a sets from the general color selections. 

The bottom of the book shelve has nothing to do with fabric, but is all my genealogy information by surname. Makes looking into inquires much easier.

Now back to our regularly schedule program: Sewing