In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Friday, May 22, 2015

knock, knock, memories...

of simple childhood joy come in fleeting moments.

I saw these photos and took a trip down memory lane.

  My Grandma Midgley lived in an old farm house on Newtown Road.  It had crystal door knobs and I was fascinated by them. 
 I thought she was the richest lady in the world to have diamond door knobs.

I thought they were just beautiful.

Turns out she was poor as a church mouse.

Not that it mattered to me, her home was put together in a manner that I just hummed with anticipation when we went to visit, everything was so interesting.  She had lovely antiques, I fondly remember her collection of early colored sandwich glass and the set of green dolphin candlesticks, worth a small fortune today.

The antiques disappeared one by one as she sold them to try and hold on to the farm that she dearly loved only to lose it.  I was a teenager and didn't understand how these things worked.  I have tried to find some of her pieces, but alas...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Misty early morning

Daybreak on Sunday morning was quite misty, but gave a lovey view from my bedside window as I got up.  I see this morning that the blooms from the Crab-apple are already giving up and falling to the ground.  It was lovely the few days that it lasted.

Busy week ahead...I'll keep you posted

Friday, May 15, 2015

busy like a bee

Yesterday I took a day off from the 8-4 job to get some painting in.  

Here is the Hen House BEFORE:

and the Hen House AFTER:

I have wanted to paint the hen house and barn RED forever, but now they are in desperate need of painting and it was time to change the color.  Not to mention that the red barn paint is much cheaper than matching them to the house paint.

On to the next project!

Monday, May 11, 2015

it's in the bag

or is it?   Seems to be a cat in the onion bag, funny I don't remember buying a cat.

Early Saturday morning I headed out to the garden and planted my onions, peas, carrots, broccoli and some lettuce.  Little Miss Cleo was attached at the ankle and was into everything I was doing.

After the garden, I headed off to finish some flower beds, I find it easier to rake it on to a tarp and drag it off to the lawn waste pile in the woods.  Little Miss Cleo was having other thoughts with my tarp.

Miss Ollie came to help while her parents went off to do a plumbing job for a family friend.  She came ready to help Aunt Tina with her pink garden gloves and SPARKLE shoes.

Notice the wooden rack on the front of the 4-wheeler, Joel built a clever box that fits the chainsaw and other assorted compartments to hold tools and it has been a real help for me this week riding around fixing this and that.

Hagrid and Mungus out in their new little pasture.  They are getting more curious of me when I sit in their pasture on my bucket. I am just smitten with them.  I have put a call into the Vet to take care of their hanging maleness.

 They really were interested in Miss Cleo and would touch noses.  Miss Cleo was really ticked that she could not get to me through the sheep fence and kept walking along the horse fence line, crying.  Until, SNAP...she had curled her tail and got nailed by the electric fence.  Up a tree she went.

After a long morning of outside work, Miss Ollie had had enough and inside we went for lunch and other projects.  I had some painting work to do and she wanted to watch cartoons and draw.  

I had cut out the Angel body before Ollie got there.  I really wanted a primitive Angel for one of my gardens, and since I have a pile of wood, paint and a brain, I decided to make it myself.  Oh ya, and a garage full of unsupervised tools (he,he, he)  While the cat is away the mouse is going to use his tools!

I am also working on some other signs...

Then there was Mothers Day, I have been dreading it for weeks.  I would give anything for one more do over with Mom but then again I would wish for it again every year.  The kids came over and Sam gave me flowers she had started for me from seed, to make a grandma's garden in memory of my mom.   Then both of the kids went in together and got me a kindle fire.  My nook had died well over a year ago.

Noodle Ninja and Captain Undercover pants showed up and brought me flowers in the cutest Yellow watering can.  She knew the day would be hard, she knows me so well and it was one of those days where I wished to be invisible in the hopes that my heart would be come invisible too and not hurt.

Joel had called early in the morning and my sweet mother in law called in the afternoon.  I know everyone was keeping tabs on me.  I did chores and puttered cleaning this and that, then stitched and watched some movies.  Oh, and downloaded free books! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Compromise...the art of

  • This is an actual facebook discussion after I posted a picture of the twins between my daughter and myself... 

    • Sam Stevenson WHAT you picked HAGRID over DUBLIN? What about all the talk or going with Scottish names instead your going with Harry Potter characters!!!! The actor is Scottish his name is not!
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    • Sam Stevenson And Magnus is Scottish AND Irish 
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    • Tina Marie Searles Beckman Sam Stevenson its very simple....get over it! I thought Hagrid would be a nice compromise since he was your favorite character, I actually lost sleep over this last night, ALWAYS thinking of you....he just didn't look like a Dublin....Uggggh, the problem is you are part Irish and Scottish with red highlights in your hair, the ultimate kiss of death to a mother...but I love you so I named him Hagrid!
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

it was right there, how did I miss it?

  1. Farmer dictionary definition | farmer defined - YourDictionary
    The definition of a farmer is a person who owns, works on or operates an agricultural enterprise, either commercially or to sustain himself or his family.
    farmer (also called an agriculturer) is a person engaged in agriculture, raising living organisms for food or raw materials. The term usually applies to people who do some combination of raising field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, or other livestock.
  3. Maybe that is where the change comes in, I have finally realized I am the farmer.   Not just the daughter of, former wife of....... I am the farmer on my own scale, not defined by my neighbors or the huge dairy over the hill.  On my own terms, I am the farmer (and have been) I sustain myself and my family, I raise living organisms.   
  4. I know I am standing in the same muck boots I was two weeks ago, but they feel different today, they feel real, not a costume that I put on after my day job to play.  My muck boots are me, the real me...the costume I wear is from 8-4 everyday.  Coming home everyday is when I actually start to breath.
  5. I had been holding my breath so long, I had forgotten what it was like to truly smile and laugh. What it meant to do something that just made every fiber of my being sing, even when it is back breaking work that makes my body ache, I am still smiling, knowing that I am doing the work that makes my soul happy.
  6. My dreams are not to shop on 5th Avenue, drive a Lexus or vacation on the beach...they are to be in smelly muck boots, my jeans and watch the work I do in the dirt grow.  Walk in the pasture and have my horse nudge me for a scratch, to watch my hens race out of the coop in the morning to dig worms, to collect the warm eggs and to see that labor sizzle in a frying pan.  
  7. It was right there, how did I miss it? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dreams really do come true...

and I am not talking about Disney.

This morning I woke early and headed to the barn with some bread and a bucket.

Worked my way through a few gates, because my man door is blocked by a new pen (temporarily).

I threw the bread in the pen and flipped my bucket over to have a seat and make myself, first of all not so tall and intimidating but approachable.

I sat there talking softly then silent, just watching and waiting.  Tears of pure joy and happiness rolled down my cheeks as I realized that dreams do come true, not always in the time frames we put in place, sometimes the universe has other plans first.

See many moons ago I was a dairyman's wife.  I won't lie, I loved being that wife, with that life, I loved cows and I loved the work.  Being in a farming family with many generations is difficult and it doesn't always work out.  But I had dreams and I was good with cows, deep down somewhere I knew I would be good with sheep, too.  I felt we had land that was not used that would be perfect to expand into sheep with little out put and possibly good returns or at least break evens to begin with.  But I was told I was a woman whom knew nothing (wish that was how it was said).  So I tucked it away, like many things.

Fast forward many moons, and I find myself in a different set of circumstances, not married to a farmer, but to a dreamer, a man of ideas, who is open minded enough to trust me (most of the time, but not with ladders, he says I scare him to death with my ladder etiquette)

 Until a few weeks ago, I thought that the possibility of merging the new life and the longings of the old one were impossible and I found myself just sad, all the time.  Then I realized the only one holding me back, was me.  I could have anything and everything but I had to do it, physically make what I want happen, the new chickens,the gardens, the rock walls, the sheep...

Please meet Hagrid and Mangus our twin Scottish Blackface rams.

  Mangus so far seems to be the leader.

Hagrid is more trusting and would come up to me this morning.

They both calmed to the point they would lay down with me sitting there, I took that as a good sign and they gobbled their bread and hay.  I think I will keep them penned up for a few days till they get used to me, the new smells, the new sounds.

This was Pete this morning at the first sign of day light. "Look enough of the tears and sniffles, get off the stupid bucket and I would like my grain with a side of hay, if you don't mind.  OH, and I left you a pile of fly magnets in the corner, if you could please clean those up on your way out, Thank you...Dinner tonight, on time, I'll let last night slid"

Yes... his look said all that..