In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Well, it was nice while it lasted

This lovely walk way and garden...
 now looks like this.....
 a very huge pine tree snapped off half way up and hit the house and smashed the end of the deck off of the house.  I now have water coming in my closet, so I know there is structural damage.  Here we go again..
still no power... other trees and limbs down on the property

Monday, June 30, 2014

Patio and walk way photos, finally

This story started last May 2013 with work that Joel was doing to the back of the house.  I finally got the photos taken to show you the amazing work that he has yet again accomplished.

Before Photo

                                                                       After Photos

                                                                           Before Photo

                                                                            After Photo

                                                                      Before Photo
                                                                    After Photo

We decided this spring to enclose this end of the porch with railings, so that on nice days when we are not home we could leave the pups out on this end of the house under the porch in the shade.

We still have work to do, edging with rocks and more mulch, but he has done more than I ever dreamed to make this home a real showcase.  Not to mention that this project has cut down the mud that the dogs would track into the house 90% and that is a HUGE deal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is where I get brave

No matter who it is, it takes bravery to put yourself out there in any medium, but photos well they don't say a photo is worth a thousand words for nothing...

So this is the before photo, when I decided that my journey to weight loss needed to begin after I saw photo's of myself at Thanksgiving 2013 (with my mother in law, Sharon and Samantha).  With in a week I had my appointments to start my journey.

 Here I am on this past Monday, 1 month post operative (down 40#'s) with Nathan.  I wanted a photo of us together before he headed off to Fort Knox for LDAC. When done there he will fly off to Fort Bliss in Texas for one of his nursing internships.  This photo also made me realize I need some new bra's, the girls are not where they belong...OIE.   I really would like to not spend the money, but for some reason, bra's cost as much as an entire outfit.  Why?   I have no clue, its a scam...few scraps of fabric, two wires and a couple of hooks and they still cost more than a flight into space.  At least in space I wouldn't need the damn bra.

and this just because it made me really laugh and its true.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

back to work

It is three weeks today since my surgery, and I went back to work yesterday.  I had a little difficulty after the surgery and had to go back to the hospital a few times for hydration.  I think I am doing well, trying to increase my protein intake has been challenging but little by little I am doing it.

Glad to be back to work, because I have to tell you day time TV sucks and I really had a hard time sitting at the sewing machine due to where my incisions are and keeping my arms lifted to push the fabric through the machine, so I did not get the projects sewn that I had hoped.  I made some progress but little and I paid for that afterwards.  But walking has been a breeze since the first time they got me up at the hospital, which was the first evening.

Everyone says they can already see the changes. Me,  I go by the cloths being loose, I'm down a size so I can start to wear some things that have been packed in the trunk for two years, so that is good.  No, actually it is great!

Monday, May 19, 2014

I have permission

to finally show photos of the baby quilt I made for Noodle Ninjas granddaughter, 00chubstercheeks.
The baby shower was this Saturday and a very nice affair.  Noodle Ninja knows how to throw a party!

 00chubstercheeks first name starts with an "M", I really liked the idea of an initial quilt, my first, but I am sure it will not be my last, and this little bird fabric was just so sweet and I had to use it.
The rest of the weekend was a crazy sprint of cleaning and cooking, at my house and for my parents.  Thank goodness, Samantha was around to help me or I would not have gotten it all done.  Several meals prepared ahead for my parents.  My dad has started field work and he is so pooped when he gets in at night, so to cook for him and mom is hard, not that he would ever say so.  He never complains.  And my mom still tries to do all that she can, but it wears her out terribly and then takes her days to recover.  I want to make things easier if I can.  See, tomorrow is my surgery and I will not be up to task for a few weeks, I know it seems like it took forever to get to this point, but now that I am here, seems like it was yesterday (6 months ago) that I started the process.  I am down 25 pounds from the start and that is just the beginning.... of a whole new way of life for me.  Last two weeks have been challenging, but I have made it and it got easier as I went along, so I know I will do fine.  So I will check in soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Campers...

Yes, we are.. Finally.  After 3 years of looking we finally found a camper that fit us.  It is a beginner, not the Toy hauler dream of Joels, but it fit my specks and most importantly the budget.   I have missed my little pop up camper that I had when the kids were young.  I love to camp, I am just not a sleep on the ground, wait for the bears to jump on my tent and drag me off, kinda girl.

Many things to be excited about... camper.. cross your fingers and surgery will be in two weeks that is if I don't go stark raving mad crazy on this two week pre op, liquid, non-starchy veggie diet... OIE,  day two in and this witch is starting to twitch...

We did head to Canada last weekend for some time with the family to celebrate a bridal shower and of course had a blast.  I got to have a few moments to sneak off to a couple of fabric stores in Buffalo and run my fingers through some lovely fabric.... I did purchase some.... I HAD TO, IT WAS A FABRIC EMERGENCY...(to me).   My husband purchased me a ridiculously expensive purse for our Third Wedding Anniversary (which is today), but I LOVE it!

And get this... my best friend Noodle Ninja Warrior and her husband Captain Undercover Pants...wait for it, wait for it....became GRANDPARENTS....CONGRATULATIONS on your new little agent... I need to think of a code name for the baby...00dirtydiaper ? no she is too cute for that.... I know...00chubstercheeks, if I get permission I will post a picture of this most adorable bundle of baby.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Finally, I got the binding sewn on the quilt that my mother made for my brother and his wife.  I have it almost finished.  Then off to get the beast washed at the laundry mat.

 She has to help me do least she knows what a quilt is for.