warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, September 26, 2016

my little red wagon

is now full of fall mums.  I headed off to the Amish stand and they had them 5 for 22 bucks. Lowes has the same size for 14 dollars a piece.

Joel is headed off to Lancaster, PA on a job for the Amish grocery today.  We will see what deal's he hauls back.

next weekend I hope to start working on my decorations for Halloween.  I think I am set with the perfect decorations from the willow's.....so excited!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

super star

yes, she is.  My mother in law continues to amaze me.  She embraces the new technology advances everyday and tries to stay a breast of all the cool apps.  Like below...she is the only person I know that has managed to make an emoji that looks exactly like herself.  I giggle every time I see it. 

she refuses to be upstaged by anything...
even a hot red car... I know you barely noticed it, she outshines it all.

I love that she dresses in the latest fashion and just has a joyful attitude towards everything.  She always lifts my spirits.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

polished or unpolished

I guess it depends on what angle you are looking at it from.

I've never been one to be like the Jones.  I tend to be aloof and keep to myself.  Not for any particular reason, I am happy with my own company and I've never craved the validation of my peers.

I seriously think that growing up on the mountain with only brothers, no neighbors, I just got used to myself.

But lately with my career taking a slight curve and dealing with new people, a different type of people.  I look at them, then look at me and wonder.  Did I lose something along the way.

These ladies are polished and magazine like, with bangles and heels.  Here I am hoping my shoes match and happy when I have a slightly coordinated top and bottom, certainly not high end.

I admit I could use a good polishing.

In high school while the other girls experimented with make up and came out looking like the cover to Teen Beat.   I looked like the booklet advertising clown school.

I envy my southern cousins that mama's taught them to not slouch, DO NOT leave the house with out your hair in place, lipstick and nails to the nines.

Mine made sure when I left the house I had my shoes on (she didn't like it that I tried to go bare foot everywhere)

But then I think of all the things she did teach me. Sewing, canning, gardening, how to fix it, that new isn't always better, some polish goes a long way on old wood and the way to peoples hearts is kindness.  Probably most of all that one true friend is worth more than a crowd of followers.

I forgot one other thing...cleaning the top half of the toilet is not cleaning the toilet...it goes all the way to the floor, young lady...ugh...and don't think that doesn't play in my head every time I clean.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I get weird random


This morning I left early to head to Seneca Falls for some emergency kitty litter (another story, a dumb, dumb moment) and other items only to remember the rest on the way home that never made it to the list to begin with. OIE.  I told you it was hell week at work and I have not recovered and its Sunday.

So since its Sunday and all the Amish are headed to church and I am driving around them giving them the room they need to be safe, I pass a county sheriff car only to have this random thought pop in my head.  "hmmm, I wonder what the Amish think when they get passed by a cop, they certainly don't have to quickly look down at the speedometer to see how fast they are going.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

how the Amish train

Joel is working with his Amish friends and enjoying everyday.  Once in a while he see's something he knows I will get a kick out of.  Moments before this cart was being driven by three tiny Amish tot's learning how to drive.  That pony is sooooo tiny.  Joel said one boy was perched on the bucket and the others were along for the ride.  This is how you learn. 

I am curious about the free air?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

keeper of memories

my next door neighbor came to me a few weeks ago and asked if I could take some of her daughters favorite shirts and make two memory bears for two nieces that are having babies this fall.  I told her I had not done them before but I would get some patterns and she could pick what she wanted me to do.  She looked on line but I guess the turn around time was forever.
Sorry my photo is kind of dark.

These are the last two I did.

This is the first one.  She took a photo of it next to KC's photo.  I put her initials in heart form on each bear.  The third bear I did for my neighbor to keep for herself.  I saw how hard it was for her to give me the green shirt that KC wore all the time.  I wanted her to be able to hug the shirt anytime she needed.  She was pleased and I was honored to have been able to do something so special.  See how the sunbeam is coming in the window across the photo.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Big Fat Furry Jerk

anyone else have one?

I had to have a serious conversation with the fella on the right this morning and remind him that I am the one who pays the mortgage and if I want to have a plant on MY table, in front of MY window, I will.  We also discussed his willful destruction of my property.  He has been chewing the leaves off of my African violet that I put in the front window.

He thinks he owns the windows.

He is entitlement minded.

He picks on everyone.

He thinks he is the King of Scotland (yes he purrs with a Scottish brogue)

He allows me to feed him and clean his litter box.

He is a big fat furry jerk.