warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, December 26, 2016

the fat man has left the building...Santa of course.

This year I kept my mother in the holiday by mastering her fudge recipe. No small feat.  It was the perfect blend of chocolate and creamy.  I knew if I could do it then my dad and brothers may feel just a little more of her presence with us this holiday.  Yesterday as my brothers tried it I saw the recognition and memories flit across their faces and I knew I nailed it.

Gingerbread boot camp this year was small and late, but still looked forward to by the little ones.

We have been waiting for the fence guy to fit us in his schedule and this past week was our turn. Originally we were going to just have wooden corner posts put in and new posts for the new gates that Joel had fabricated.  But we have had to fix this fence just too many times, so after getting new pricing we had all the posts replaced with wood and a hole new 4x2 fence put up.  The horse and sheep had just bent the other one to holy heck and for him to stretch the old beat up fence just didn't make sense, so we bit the bullet and put out the cash now.  We will be adding two strands of electric to keep them off the new fence.

This Christmas was really quiet.  Sam was on the road with her boyfriend and didn't meet up with us till 4pm on Sunday at my brothers.  Nate was working a 12 hour shift at his base hospital and could not make it home.  So Joel and I relaxed, cooked, puttered.  We joined the family for gift exchange and dinner.  It was simple and very much enjoyed.    My gift of wonderful flannel nightgowns from The Vermont Country Store, explained a strange phone call I received a few weeks ago from Joel that had me laughing and nervous about what I would get.

Joel called and asked what size are you?  an 8, 10?  I asked top or bottom?  Joel was like "huh? what's the size of your whole body?"  I told him sizes for women didn't work that way. I needed to know if it was top or bottom.  He still was insistent that he needed a size for my whole body so I said XL should do the trick.  But my imagination was running wild and I could not fathom what a whole body measurement was going to get me.   Whew....this one worked out.

Last week was my first week at my new job and I have to say I love the new work.  The people are nice, but it was terribly hard to leave the people I cared about at the old job. I found myself thinking about them a lot as my new co workers carried on conversations with the ease and familiarity that I had with my old crew and I found it odd to sit there silent, just smiling.

Then there was the relief to not have the pit in my stomach and throat every morning going in the office that had developed over time dealing with a difficult few.  I'm already finding that I want to do things that I have not wanted to do in a long time.  Stress is a funny thing, an invisible enemy that hides in corners you don't even know exist.

One day at a time.  Rebuilding is not done overnight.  This time I know more than last time, but not enough to be afraid.  

Next, is the New Years Party that will this year be at the Beckman's. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wham, just like that...

Well, the changes are happening faster than I ever expected.  But here it is:

I have accepted a new job.  I am leaving my position of 18 years to take a new career direction.

  This interview was just right, and the supervisor made me feel like I was in the right place at the right time and the job made me feel like I would be engaged in something I could buy into.  No supervision duties, No healthcare,  Less pay...but I am not money driven, so on ward. 

Now for the Holiday decorations....

I'll try and keep you up to speed as the next few weeks I end something precious and start a new chapter.

Friday, November 25, 2016

after the oven is off

the party started.

 The few pictures you will see are curtesy of others.  I just didn't have the time, I was wrestling with a 23 # bird, a few ham's, over 10#s of potato's, I could go on but it makes me tired all over again.  The end was a wild success with 23 people full of yumminess and happy to be in each other's company.

My father in law coming to my rescue to cut the bird.  Joel always seems to disappear when its time to carve.  Totally suspicious.

Here you will see Nate came home (so happy to see him) but you will also notice this photo is taken in the garage.  Part of our big holiday plan, since our tiny cabin will not seat 23 around the table like our old home.  Our recent remodel included the interior of the garage to be used for family events (and my car).  We were gifted a very nice used Kitchen from Joel's Uncle Freddie in Buffalo that was doing a remodel to a new home. Pine tongue and groove ceiling and 1/2 walls. Yes, there is also a TV so that sporting events are not excluded, maybe some girl Movie nights, hmmm will have to think on this new development.      There will be more photos of this as Joel completes the transformation.

Joel's brother was in from Chicago, and the kids came back this morning to see the Buffalo family before they headed home.

Below is our snow storm from last week.  Our new green metal roof is keeping us nice and dry.  New gutters and metal soffits to keep out the carpenter bees.  I think my flowers are toast.  See my new door between the house and garage.  No more blowing snow and rain can come in underneath it.  I will paint it green to match the front door if we have a break in the weather or in the spring.

I am hoping to have more good news in the upcoming weeks, but we will have to see how things play out.  Times are changing, its time to move on and let some things go. Sometimes change is needed and good for the soul.  I know that I need some renewal and I am working hard to make changes that will make me happy and help set the stage for the next stage of our lives.  So wish me luck and I will bring you the results as soon as I can.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Totally Juiced

Despite the extreme drought that we experienced here and surrounding counties this summer the grape crop was good.  Being wine country that was a huge relief for these famers.

So what happens when you take three bushels of lovely smelling grapes? 

 You get 36 quarts of juice.
Really good juice.
For Sunday morning breakfast and making jelly!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cha, Cha, Changes

I think that is how the song goes?
and it fits what has been going on here

Would you like me to shed some light on the subject?
I would love to

Before Kitchen:
 After Kitchen:

 Before Porch:
 After Porch:
 Before Office:
 After Office:
 Before Living room:
After Living room:


We also have some changes to the roof, garage door now doors, new people doors, doors where there were none and so much more to come...
new bathroom floor, new washer and dryer (to us) its not a new toilet but a fixed one, I told you so much has changed.
Halloween I humiliated myself as a unicorn...yes, you heard read correctly.
Worse part was one of the Amish workers between laughing hysterically asked if I was a mule?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

boy calls home and

asks for a photo of the view....he misses and wants to show off to his friends.

View on October 23rd, 2016 after three days of rain and yesterday a horrible day full of wind.

It looks like the Amish will be here starting Tuesday to put on the new roof and other projects as time permits. Yippy!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

with thy needle

I've been working on tiny quilts.

Snowman mittens is a finished size of 14x20

Angel's song is 9x14

Not sure if these will be gifts or go up for sale, yet.