In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Friday, April 24, 2015

I was this mean

 sheep lady...

Every other sheep person I have ever met has been so nice, so this lady kind of rocked me back in my muck boots last night.

She had advertised her American Blackbelly whether and had a hefty price on him because she did not want him to go for meat, but he was eating her out of house and home, ect.....  Totally get it on my end.  But after meeting her flock and him, asking questions about fencing, feeding, flock issues.

 She was surprised that her flock was gathering around Sam and I trying to get our attention, since she claimed they were VERY WARY of strangers.  I was not, Sam and I are animal magnets, I think its our calm demeanor, I know I am more relaxed with animals than I am with people and animals know it.

But I think she was offended by the way she commented on it...I let it go...then I commented that the price for the whether was steep and before I could offer a alternate (like I will take him and a ewe for this?)  She yelled at me "That's the price, take it or leave it!"  I calmly said, OK, I understand and we made our exit still talking and thanking her for her time and that we thought he was really sweet...and he was/is.

I figured it was a learning experience and I will continue to look till I find the right SHEEP.   I have waited 23 years.... I want them while I can still walk and enjoy them.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

geese, goose or gander?

I'm sure all three work here...see they are back on the pond...yes those two little specks are geese, a goose and a gander.  Sorry these days all I ever have on me is the camera from my phone.

I was outside working with my rocks and the honking became unbelievably loud and I heard the splash from around the house and there they were, back for another spring.  I love seeing them floating on the pond.  Totally freaked out one of the cats with their honking, I tell you it was LOUD.

Here is the pink tulip finished.  In the top of the photo you can see the lovely damage we had from a lovely ICE DAM this winter... Ya, us!  we have several ceilings that now need work.  This one was the worst.

Here is a sign that I am currently working on.  This I had rescued from my parents old 1800's barn before it became toast.  

 Someone long before my father had made this to hang in the cow portion of the barn by the hinges and it had fabric sacks nailed to it that I believe they filled with powder that the cows could walk under and it would coat their backs with insecticide to keep the flies off. 

My Grandfather, Charles Dollaway owned a Livery in 1890, in Mecklenburg, NY.  So I thought I would make this into a sign for my horse barn.

 Sorry, a little blurry.  Yes, we had to start a fire last night to take the chill off.  Here is my Shimmer quilt.  I decided that it would look best hanging on the wall and it does.  That wonky thing hanging down in the left of the photo is my WWI Mounted Calvary saddle, that Dad gave me when I started riding Sis, back in the day.  Now it sits on the beam in my dinning room.  I was told by a Saddlery that it was valuable and to keep it safe.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amazing Brooder for the Chicks

but first... one of my brothers, my SIL, nephew, 2 nieces and Samantha, participated in Ithaca's, Tough Turtle this weekend.  My other SIL and I cheered them on and took photos.

Sam coming across the finish line getting chalked... so proud of my kiddo.

Then I moved the chicks to the AMAZING BROODER, that Joel made for them, no more tote boxes in bathroom...  Sadly, ICU chick did not make it....sniff....sniff... But the chicks are doing great in the brooder, I was worried about the chilly temps in the garage, but they get under their lamps and seem fine.  I have the chicks separated (Blackhawks vs Red Wings) and on their own side of the brooder (the photo below only shows chicks on one side being used).

 Lets see I finished out the rest of the weekend moving rocks and shoveling over a ton (yes, a TON) of dirt into the raised garden beds...and we have another TON to go, but I did it and still could move the next day.   And I am still digging rocks out of the old rock piles from when my pastures were used for field crops.  We have moved some huge rocks.  Lucky me.  But my new garden walls are really looking nice.

I did get my tulip quilts finished, they are cute and I will get photos...well back to work in the dirt for me!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sewing Circle

has allowed me to re connect with an old friend and makes me appreciate the time for sewing and gabbing with a friend.  Kim and I have been friends since 4th grade and now our families are grown leaving us with "me" time.  Kim wanted to learn how to crazy quilt, she was expecting her first grandchild and wanted to create a personal legacy to pass on.  So Sewing Circle started, we try to meet weekly but life does compete sometimes and we just say 'OK" see you next week and it has worked.  I would love to get more people involved.

Here is my current block before I left for Sewing Circle last night: 

Kim and her granddaughter with the block she has been creating...

My block after last night, I do confess I spent sometime holding and kissing the baby... :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Chick ICU

So one of my Reds was just sitting there last night letting everyone step all over her.  To walk she kept putting out her wings and didn't seem to be getting any where fast, so I came up with quick plan and this is the result...

Chick ICU

She went right over and started eating when I put her in the small box with paper grocery back sides and this morning the water was down so I know she was drinking and was moving around in the box with her wing wobble.  We will see how she does.

As for the other chicks, it gave them something to peck at,other than each other.

for right now I have decided not to name them but to split them in to hockey teams...

So we now have the Blackhawks and the Red Wings.

I think the Blackhawks will be ready to move to the AMAZING brooder that Joel built this weekend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reds have arrived

15 cute little yellow fuzz balls came in yesterday for pick up.

6 blackie's are growing and doing very well...

despite a weekend of manhandling by Ollie

Every 15 minutes it was "Aunt Tina, I need to check on the chicks, can I pet them, can I pick one up?"  How can you resist this little happy face?  She had a full weekend of chicks, sitting on the horse, playing with the cats, jumping on the air mattress, watching movies, learning how to pop popcorn with Uncle Joel, riding 4 wheeler with Uncle Joel, baking cupcakes and cookies and feeding treats to the dogs.


Oh and checking the hen house for eggs, who could forget that and chasing Aunt Tina with a dead fish....ya, that was kind of gross...but Uncle Joel thought it was hilarious...

This picture is Wylie on the bird house, but behind him is a very full pond and a lot of standing water in the yard.  Joel is working on this problem, taking out the existing outlet pipe for the pond and installing a larger one, we hope if we lower the level of the pond that it will help with the standing water we continue to have in the yard.

  Turtles were officially back on Sunday, April 12th, with one brave turtle on the log, yesterday there were 5....

Sunday, I started working on the stone walls again and a new one on the west side of the house, I am going to get this outside work done this year if it kills me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plan B...always have a Plan B

because Plan A, isn't always in our control.

I needed a spring wallhanging for my cupboard and I love tulips.

So these were whipped up in the sewing room last night. It was a free pattern, I found online.

Plan B is Black Australorp Chickens, why? because the lady with the other chicks, called Samantha and backed out with some really questionable excuses, so I am taking that as a sign.  

But we had our hearts set on having another breed mixed in with the Rhode Island Reds and these are known to be good layers and weather hardy, very important after this winter.
 Plus, Ollie is coming to stay for a few days and we promice there would be chicks, I can't disappoint one of my girls.
They are doing great, the Reds come next week.

This one seems to be the boss chick, we will have Ollie help us with some names this weekend.