In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Monday, August 25, 2014

taken care of business..stitchin

I have been working on my UFO pile.  The pink blocks were left over from a quilt and I wanted to see how they would look in a runner and they just called out for some frilly add ons

The next two runners were left over projects from last fall, I started and just ran out of steam and left them in a pile to get to some day, well some day is here.  This is a cute Christmas fabric, perfect for the kitchen.
 and I just love the scarecrow fabric.   I have a bunch more selections of fabric that I bought to make into runners.  So we will see what I pull out next.
 and here is my three month out photo... My brother who hasn't seen me in a few months came over Saturday night for a visit and all he could say was " holy sh*t, you look like you did in high school!" no I wasn't offended.  I went shopping with Sam this weekend and was able to try on sizes that I have not seen in 20 years, made me cry and feel really proud of myself all at the same time.

                                                December 2013              August 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Nine, yes I said nine...

by the end of the day I had another turtle gram, with nine little turtles sitting on a log...

This could be the begining of a children's story.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Holy Moly, Turtles!

How many turtles do you need to have before you are considered a Turtle Farm?

We had a log on the lawn and Joel was grunting about having to haul it to the woods and I said just roll it into the pond for the turtles to sun on.  The turtle watch began, we made a bet ($1) on how long it would take for the turtles to find the log, I said two weeks, Joel said a few days.  It was one day and we had two turtles.  So Joel won.  Now I get turtle grams as the number on the log increases.  I wonder if the turtles sent out an open invitation to the neighborhood?  As of this mornings turtle gram there are eight turtles.  Seriously, I thought we only had a couple turtles in the pond.  I am not sure what kind they are, I think one is a snapper the others are smallish and dark in color with a red stripe.  Its been kind of amazing to watch this unfold.
 Here is my sweet boy, Zeek.  Such a good dog, best rescue dog ever, got him at 6 months and he will be 10 this December.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

and now....

the quilt is quilted and binded.... Whew.  In the nick of time.  Sam is laughing because the cat thinks he should be able to climb the quilt while she is holding it.  Nate is very pleased and loves it.  I always hope people feel loved when they sleep under a quilt I've made.  I certainly think about how much they mean to me as I am stitching it together.  I hope the fibers hold on to some of that energy and pass it on to my loved ones.

 For my birthday and to repair the storm damage to the closet, Joel decided it should be lined with cedar and given a wooden floor, new lighting and new cedar organizers.
 isn't it amazing?  How am I ever going to sell this house.  He keeps making me like it more.  The rug we got on our honeymoon in Turkey looks fantastic in here.  I do feel alittle princess-ish in the morning going in here to pick out my clothes.
speaking of clothes, this closet is very organized because I have taken 3-4 loads of stuff that no longer fits to the Salvation Army.  I am almost three months out, down 4 sizes and 71 pounds...

Monday, July 28, 2014

clucks and cloth

We are still cleaning up from the storm, now that we have heard from the insurance company.

It has been a very busy few weeks. We took a few days and headed to Buffalo and  Canada for a family wedding.

Sam took this photo of one of my hens.  I have to say I just love it.
 Then we took three days and camped at Letchworth State Park.  Joel and I had a wonderful, relaxing time. Lots of easy hiking for me.
 I finished piecing Nathan's quilt and I plan on having it quilted by the time he heads off to his senior year at Elmira College.  The pattern is Army Stars and Stripes, which is fitting for my ARMY ROTC son, whom is currently at Fort Bliss, TX doing an internship there in their ICU unit.

 Here are Joel and I at the wedding in Canada, marking almost my 2 month post op and as of today I am down 64 #'s and really feeling great.  I do have a stricture which I have had to have streched twice and once more is planned, but I really have so much more energy and am happy the weight is coming off.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Well, it was nice while it lasted

This lovely walk way and garden...
 now looks like this.....
 a very huge pine tree snapped off half way up and hit the house and smashed the end of the deck off of the house.  I now have water coming in my closet, so I know there is structural damage.  Here we go again..
still no power... other trees and limbs down on the property

Monday, June 30, 2014

Patio and walk way photos, finally

This story started last May 2013 with work that Joel was doing to the back of the house.  I finally got the photos taken to show you the amazing work that he has yet again accomplished.

Before Photo

                                                                       After Photos

                                                                           Before Photo

                                                                            After Photo

                                                                      Before Photo
                                                                    After Photo

We decided this spring to enclose this end of the porch with railings, so that on nice days when we are not home we could leave the pups out on this end of the house under the porch in the shade.

We still have work to do, edging with rocks and more mulch, but he has done more than I ever dreamed to make this home a real showcase.  Not to mention that this project has cut down the mud that the dogs would track into the house 90% and that is a HUGE deal.