warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Quiet here...processing

Sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth.  Our across the street neighbors daughter was killed last Friday just a few miles down the road from our homes.  How and why the accident happened will not ever be known.  What is known is that a vibrant, happy, kind young lady with a contagious smile is walking with her recently deceased pups in heaven.

You never want these things to happen to anyone.  This small farming family has just been wonderful to us since we moved to the hood and as I have met others on the road it has been amazing to be welcomed somewhere after living in a place of mean people for 24 years.

I am so grateful to be here and so sad for them and the loss to our hood. I'll miss watching her in the evenings racing the barrels with her horses and roping with her brothers.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anyone sleepy???

Finally...Master Bedroom photos.  I kid you not I have been looking for curtains and a bedspread that I like since 2011.  I had one that I loved prior to the fire at the Willows, pink flowers, mauve and light green stripes...I still morn the loss of that comforter.  It just pleased the girly girl in me.

But now I am married and this is mutual ground so I had to find something that I loved and that would not make Joel gag every time he walked in the room.

This is the bedroom when we looked at the cabin for the first time.

This is the bedroom today.

I was photo bombed by Miss Kitty.  I guess she gives the room scale.

I repainted the walls Navajo white.

I am drawn to traditional floral patterns and when I happened on a photo of a fabric on Pintrest. I loved it at first sight and knew this one was it.  This is Wakefield Jacobean Floral, bedding from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  To get all the pieces I wanted I had to order from two different sources.  It goes so well with the wood tones and style of the house and its just girly enough. I will love this for a long time.

This chair has a story.  When Joel and I were dating, I don't think we were engaged at this point, the neighbor across the street was selling her household goods to move into a care facility.  Joel purchased several things including the dining room set we had at the Willows that the new owners purchased.  One evening he went to his parents in Amherst, NY and this chair was out by the curb.  He of course went to take a look at it and saw that it had been manufactured in Tonawanda, NY.  It was a very sturdy, comfortable chair.  The fabric had seen better days but it was free so he loaded it in the back of his truck and it moved to the Willows when we married.  The chair was well worth having recovered and now it finds its home at the cabin.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

tearing it up

 or out.  The railings on the end are gone, but not after giving Professor Beckman a hard time.

He quickly covers his face as he sees the camera..

                                             He has no control when his back is turned.

Friday, April 29, 2016

cozy nights

at the cabin are simple.

Dogs at my feet.  One cat usually curled up on my chest and the other one where ever his weary body drops.  All snuggled in my flannel jammies, stitching on my current project. 

    Don't let that sleepy cute kitty fool you.  It's a big fat furry trick.  If one of the other animals moves he will spring the attack which then results with the victim trying to escape by any means necessary. Usually right through me, under me or over me.   I mean really, look at Zeke's face... it says "That fat *%$# is right behind me, isn't he?"   BooBoo has learned to slowly open one eye to see the lay of the land before he dares pick up his head.   I wish BooBoo would just go over and sit on his FAT head with all 125 pounds and show him who is boss.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's dead...how did it move?

this is a mystery to me.   Last Saturday someone whacked (hit, ran over) a big ole possum out in front of the cabin.  It was dead, deader than a door nail.  How do I know?  Well, I went and got a shovel and Mr. dead possum hitched a ride as I pushed his little carcass down the road and nicely shoved him partly over an embankment (on our property) but not too close to the neighbors so when he started to smell to the high heavens they would think less of me.

So whats the problem?  Nothing accept when I went to roll the massive garbage can down the driveway this morning there sat Mr. Deader Than a Door Nail Possum.  I can tell you for a fact with his very FLAT head he did not walk there on his own.  So the question is how did he travel to the end of my driveway, Again?  Closer than the first time?

So now I wait......as I left for work this morning my loving husband was walking in the woods carrying a very dead as a door nail Mr. Possum by his lifeless tail deep into the woods.  If he comes back again....

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


make the world a better place.

As Professor Beckman explains below:

                                  see no sound is necessary....we just know it's true

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cabin life

includes all these little things that make it home for me.

Like this handmade broom that my daughter bought me for my birthday last year.  About a month before we knew we were moving and I had a hearth.

Every witch needs a good broom.

Cabin kitchen where all the baking love happens.

Cabins small but cozy living room.  Minus the sofa, which now resides in North Carolina with Nate in his first official grown up apartment.  I finally found one and it should be here in 6-8 weeks.

 A stained glass train made by my mother.  It even has tiny little people seated in the rail cars, an engineer driving with a tiny lantern hanging off the back of the caboose.

A shelf that I found the perfect spot for above the front window.  Holds some of my favorites.

A Larkin secretary that was passed down to us.  It came from Buffalo, NY to Podunk, NY by my children's great great grandmother whom was a child of Irish Immigrants who came from Belfast, Ireland to Buffalo in the mid 1800's.  She married the son of German Immigrants in Buffalo. Ida Thompson Hess. 

My tiny little yellow stepback that I just love

Window in the dinning room that my orchids seem to like since they decided to bloom.  Special place for my canister set given to me last year by my Aunt.  You can see in my photos the new curtains that took forever to decide upon.  I mixed lace panels and valances with Prairie plaid curtains and I think the mixture looks smashing. 

Why all the photos?  Well my phone died, dead as a door nail.  I was forced to get a new one.  I dislike having to learn new tech.  Samantha went with me and made such a great deal I could only do one thing, embrace it and say Thank you then try the camera.