In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blessed Thanksgiving

I hope you all are blessed with the warmth of a happy home and surrounded by people who love you this Thanksgiving.

So I leave you with a funny photo of a VERY bad cat that thinks this extra Thanksgiving table was placed close to the wood stove just for her sleeping enjoyment.  I guess this is where I will sit so no one else has to deal with the cat hair and wonder what kind of awful house keeper I really am.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another furniture rescue mission

Anyone else hear mission impossible music playing?

I did the whole time I was sanding these suckers.

These barrel tables were in sad shape, Joel had used/abused them well over the 20 years he had them. Nicks, dings, chunks of wood missing, the only thing they didn't have was bullet holes.  Guess I came along in the nick of time.

I hemmed and hawed about how to give them new life.  In the begining we had considered just painting the entire table.  But then we attempted sanding the tops and loved what we found under the varnish.

But the bodies had too many scars to fix so paint was the best solution.

Isn't the pattern of the vainer pretty?

I like black furniture, I don't know why I just do.

They just look so classic and fit in the room like they have always been there.  

Another project off the list done.  I hope Grandma and Grandpa Pepperman are happy that we still have them with us.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifts of fabric and wood

This took me just a few days to put together using Christmas fabric that I have had on hand.
I saw a picture of this on Pintrest and had to try.  I am pretty happy with the results.  I always get nervous when I don't have a pattern to follow, but I took my time and measured and measured to get it to line up.

Here are my Shimmer blocks all put together.  I was able to make six blocks which is enough for a nice lap quilt.  I twisted some of the blocks so it looks more like a random constellation instead of a layed out plan.  I will start quilting it after the Thanksgiving holiday.

 Joel whipped up some table harvest boxes for our Thanksgiving tables and I am pleased as punch as to how they look.

I put timer candles in the the arrangements and it makes them so homey.

 I really love how on this box he was able to use the raw edge of the board.  The best part is this is all from wood harvested from my parents farm and sawed by my dad.

Friday, November 14, 2014

count down to T day

Thanksgiving that is.

Sign and a quilt I did many moons ago.  I believe it is a Thimbleberry pattern.

Joel and our nephew on Tuesday of this week out enjoying the warm day, that as of last night has been replaced with snow and chilly willies. This photo was taken at my office when the boys came to visit.  In the background is my Aunt and Uncles small farm that boarders our office property.  When they had Angus, the doctors would comment how funny it would be when they were doing a consultation with a patient and my Uncles cows would interject with a MOO... caused many a chuckle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jail break

And that is exactly what the horse did last night.  Jail break...he has been nursing an abscess in one of his front feet so I have him locked in his very spacious (I might add) stall, so I can keep his foot clean and dry.  It also makes it easier to pick his feet and soak in an Epson salt bath, this horse hates the hoof pick, he sees it and is across the pasture in 2.4 seconds, much to my dismay.

I heard him rattling the gate on his stall last night while I was working on the project pictured below.  Never in a million years would I think he could have jimmied the snap on the chain open.  But this morning at 6am and DARK, I flipped on the light in the barn to find a gate standing wide open and no horse.  Crap.

So after a quick run around the barn, not that I could see a darn thing, I got the dogs back in the house and sounded the alarm.  Joel and Sam jump out of bed and Sam gets in her car to circle the block and Joel heads for the 4-wheeler.  I start whistling and calling him, he usually runs at the thought of his feed bucket but no luck this morning.

I didn't quite panic(which is a feat for me), as I was checking the woods on the other side of the pond, I heard the 4-wheeler stop, giving me a clue that something was up so I headed back and there was Joel on the ground with the horse who was curled up next to the fifth wheel camper (next to the barn, Oie!)

He was fine, obviously tired from his night of freedom.

I have had stitcher envy over some of the armchair caddy's that I have seen on other bloggers sites, that hold their projects, thread snippets and other tools.  So I set about making a pattern that would fit my needs and I think I did a bang up job.  Now the TV tray is back where it belongs.

Monday, November 10, 2014

horsing around

We did a little horsing around this weekend.  Ollie on Pete, she had the biggest grin.  I love that my nieces and nephews love all the animals and are always happy to be in the barns helping.

 I also spent some time in the sewing room working on some new projects...insulated water bottle holders.

 I also got two more of my Shimmer blocks done.

This weekend felt productive.  Joel and I went out to dinner and met up with some new friends.  These people had answered an ad for the Hoosier that I sold this summer.  The guy and Joel stood there and talked and talked.  After he left, I said it seemed like you two were old friends.  Next thing I know his wife is messaging me and they feel like we have lots in common and would like to meet up.  So finally we did, and we talked non-stop for 3 hours.  Looking forward next time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cat on a not so hot tin roof.

Lil' Miss is going to give me grey hair.

Aka: Cleo, Johnson, Meow Meow... and many other names.

I have always "liked" cats, not "loved" them.  I am a dog person, throw myself in front of a bus or bullet for my dogs, kind of dog person.  Cats, well....until now.

  This cat has just wrapped herself around my heart strings, and when its well past dark and the coyotes are in the woods on the edge of the property singing their songs, I go just about mad with worry.  She takes her sweet ole time getting back to the house.

  I would lock her up, but she will have none of that and does just about everything to get out, so I just have to take my chances and hope she is as smart as I hope she is.