In the Willows...

In the Willows...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mama and Pop

 My parents at about the same age... Sophomores in high school
 At my mothers junior prom.   I love that my mom looks so happy in this photo.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Barn Recycle and what is this contraption?

I know its cold everywhere.  And now it starts again.  Poor Pete and his hand me down blanket that is too big, but he makes due.  Bless his sweet horse heart.

 I usually roll with change, but I handle it better when it is one thing at at time.  My fathers barn from the 1870's has been on the decline for years.  He built a new one two years ago and the discussion has been what is to happen with the old one, now that part of the foundation caved in it has become very unsafe.

Last week Dad ran into a Mennonite crew that was tearing down another barn on a friends property and they came to look at dad's to see if they would be interested in it and they said they would be back in a few weeks to begin.  It has some 60 ft full hand hewed solid beams, I am not surprised they jumped at it.  Well, they showed up in 4 days instead of two weeks and most of the outside is gone in a day and a half.  I couldn't bring myself to take photos, I am heartbroken.  I know it needs to go for it is really unsafe and I would hate for anything to happen to my dad or brothers and it is going to be recycled, but the memories.

This was thrown out from one of the top floors and yesterday Dad, Joel, Chip, Todd and I were messing with it trying to figure out what it is.   The top portion was folded so it sat on the bottom section, you pull it up to make the L shape which looks to serve as a trough.

 This bottom section which has a hinged door, has a very sturdy set of baffles through out with holes the size of silver dollars.  So we think it was some sort of grain (?) sifter (?) but the holes are so large it doesn't make much sense.  It is homemade.  It has been in the barn since my dad purchased the farm in the early 70's and he never paid it any attention and just stacked hay around it.

I definitely did not get my sense of curiosity from him.   It was so full of hay chaff that it took Chip and I forever to even see the baffles.   We would love someone to tell us what they think it might be?
And how it was used.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Home, circa early 1900's

This is where I grew-up.  Of course this photo was taken 70 or so years before my family came there to live.  The window's above the porch is where my childhood bedroom was/is.  Time has not been very kind, but I hope that can be fixed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

challenging myself in stitching

So I caught up to the 7th new stitch last night.  This challenge has helped with my stitchers block.

 This row is where I ripped out the horrible red color combo and replaced with the pink ribbon buds and pink and green beads accent turned out nice.

I really have not worked with ribbon embroidery much in the past but I have enjoyed it with these new stitches and I guess will have to pull out my books to dabble a bit more.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

looks like spring

at least on my CQ block.  I love my teeny tiny bee's and butterfly's..

I have been working on my stitches from Joyful Embellishments on Facebook.  I got stitches 1,2 and 3 done last night. I will show them later, because it made me look at a current stitch on my block and totally hate it.  Well, that took me an hour to rip it out, :/  still glad I did, so I will be putting stitch 4 there tonight!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Things I am finding along the way

Like this bird embroidery that I found in my mom's cedar chest with its mate. I vaguely remember her doing them in the 80's, not sure why they were never framed.  I decided they would be perfect pillows to go with the wedding quilt she made me.  I will show the mate when I have it done, it came out so pretty.

Sam is having a heart to heart with Boo Boo over the contents of the bowl.  As you can see from his expression he is not buying that the contents belong to her.  I am on the dogs side.

I challenged myself last week to only cook from the pantry and freezer.  I think this should be more than an off hand challenge and I need to strive to make this the norm.

                         So on Friday evening, the cherry fry pies happened.... They looked a little haphazard, but oh my they did not taste it.....

 Yesterday, I was determined to use the left overs but I really wanted to make homemade pizza, no pepperoni to be found, but I did have left over pork chops and left over ham in the freezer, so the Pork Pizza was born...

baked till golden brown....

and ready by game time....

have to say, didn't even miss the pepperoni.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Signs...Do you believe?

Some people believe that our loved ones that have left us can give us signs that they are around us.

My mother was a firm believer, as am I, my brothers and father.  So we talked about it, even when she was in the hospital passing away and even when she could no longer speak back, but we knew she could hear us, we talked about it.

Telling her we would be looking and waiting.  So much was said in those last few precious days, we laughed, told funny stories, anything to make her smile or respond.

A few things happened the very night she passed, as a high-schooler in the 80's she hated the "gag me with a spoon" phrase with a passion and would try to strangle me when I would say it.  So, I used it in the hospital to get a rise out of her and I did.  As I got in my jeep to leave the hospital that night, not in the best shape of my life, I have Sirius Radio and keep it mostly on station 8 which is the 80's station, it always lists the songs playing and sometimes the name of the show.  As I started the car I looked over at the display and it read "gag me with a spoon", well needless to say I lost it all over again and took it as the sign it was, she was already trying to let us know.  

Next, my brother had gone home with my dad, so he would not have to walk in the house alone and according to both of them when they walked in the back door they were greeted by a yellow butterfly flying around the kitchen.  She passed on 12/11/14, here in the Finger Lakes of Central NY it was icy, snowy and cold, not exactly butterfly weather.  But it was what my brother and father needed at that moment was a sign from her.

So I pay attention and I look.  I am also so happy that we were not afraid to talked about it.

A few days later, the remote disappeared.  I don't mean misplaced, I mean gone.  Sam and I had gone over to do some cleaning and the remote was on the dining room table.  My mom had the TV on 24/7 and towards the end LOUD, I would have to turn it down to talk.  She loved her paranormal shows 24/7, too.    Dad called me a few hours after I left and wanted to know what I did with the remote, I told him nothing it was on the dining room table.  He said yes that is where he left it but it was not there.  He had looked everywhere, even in the cushions and he couldn't stand it, the house was too quiet.  So I jumped in the car and took him one of our direct tv remotes to use till it turned up, and we both joked that if Mom was going to get his attention this was the way to do it.  The remote still has not turned up, when it does I am sure it will be somewhere that will really get our attention.

Some may wonder why we talk of such things, why we would even consider talking of signs for afterwards.  For us it's easy, we grew up knowing and talking of the afterlife and paranormal activity.  My grandmother was a medium and we grew up in a very active paranormal home (not violent) just active.  Unfortunately, we lost my grandmother when I was only 19, and she did not read us kids, she did give mom info, but mom kept it close to the vest, I think she didn't want the information to influence our future decisions, but she would make comments later like "yes, your grandmother had mentioned something about this" but grandma has always been very active with her signs in afterlife and I have been blessed to know and have her with me all these years later. 

Its not easy some people think we are kookie, and maybe a month ago I cared more about what people thought, but now I don't.  I'll just let my Kookie Flag fly and take great comfort in the signs that I see, hear and feel.