warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, February 5, 2016

An x here another x there

yes, it has a glaring mistake (Ok, OK..a few, geeze no reason to make me feel worse) but that is what happens when I get all cross eyed and the pattern is divided in to two pages, no correcting it now, but I have found a way to incorporate my mistake and make the whole thing work.

working, working, working...must get this done.  The other projects are stacking up.  It would help if I would quit falling in love with new patterns.  Really, it would, I am so fickle.  A stitching hussy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's been awhile

since I have even attempted to paint.  I had printed this photo of Zeke a few years ago with the intention of trying.

Painting is very scary for me.  My grandmother and mother were painters, but I guess even they started somewhere.

Love this dog, his is as loyal as the day is long.

Monday, February 1, 2016

feathers, fuzzy things and fabric

are what is happening at the Cabin.

Our warm days have lured the hens out of this teeny tiny coop(that was already here).  I think the hens have adjusted well to their smaller dwellings.  I know I have not put up a fuss about the smaller area to clean.  Joel just needed to do a temp electrical job for me to plug in their heated water.  I did have to re do the roost's inside to accommodate all the hens and put in ones that were better for their feet.  They had quit laying eggs and this week all of a sudden we are back in production (after I bought 2 dozen eggs) figures...

Pete and the boys enjoying the warm breeze and taking what little pasture they have as far to the ground as they can without eating mud.  They boys are pretty fuzzy, but I think there may be some fat boys under the fuzz too.  I have to laugh every morning when I throw out the hay, Hagrid hops to the hay pile, just like the sheep you see in cartoons.  You would think it would get old, but it still makes me laugh my britches off, I just can't help it.  Boing, Boing, Boing

I swear I am doing things with fabric and thread.  I even have a cross stitch project going, I swear.
Even though my fabric stash is still in bags, ahem...waiting for shelves, AHEM...I don't think he can hear me in the garage.  I did have this little kit I picked up last year and now is a good time to work on it.  I finally got to the copy center to blow up the patterns as noted.

Then there is this darling pin cushion pattern (free) I found on line when I was purchasing some of Kathy Schmitz new patterns...which I will blame on a blogger I follow...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

First, let me tell you

Cats are #$&% Jerks......

I finally (happy dance) found the box with my crock jar candle warmer, turned around to get the candle out of the box and the cat grabs the cord and pulls.  I watched it go down and I knew I couldn't reach it in time, so I had to watch it smash.  Then the race to kick the cats ass was on. Now I am not so sure I like the cat door to the basement it provided a too quick escape route for the offending party.

Last night we hauled the new antique chestnut table into the dining room.  Here it is with all 4 leaves in taking it up to 90 inches for when we have family gatherings or card/dice parties!

We decided to leave it with one leaf in for everyday use.  I love it.  It matches my chairs perfect.

I love the grain and the years of use this table has seen.

The bunnies seem to like their new home too.

Hope you find things in your day to make you Hoppy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow much fun

Joel made his annual snowmobile trip with the guys from Buffalo to Turin, NY this past weekend.  I was left to my own devices so I behaved, I know how deflating.  But I did make a deal for a new to us bathroom sink for the upstairs.  The current one is in bad shape, cracked and rusty. I found one on craigslist for $15.00 including the faucet and hardware, alright! 

 Now we wait...........for installation.......and wait.......for Joel to trip over it......it will happen.....I know it will......

Helmet Hair!

Yes, I know I will be in big trouble if he sees this, but I gotta have some fun where I can.  The hair and beard were gone when I got home from work last night.  I left a Grizzly Adams and came home to my handsome husband.

Samantha came over during the weekend and we went exploring and found a great Italian restaurant in Geneva, NY, then she spent the night and it was just a wonderful visit.  I would tell you the name of the restaurant, but Samantha paid and I can't remember, it started with a "C"???

Last night we traveled to Victor, NY for another Craigslist find, an antique Chestnut table for a steal....can't wait to show you all after its in the house.

Monday, January 18, 2016

lofty ideas

We have a teeny tiny loft at the top of our stairs.  It could have been an office but Joel has the den downstairs.  It could have been a sitting area, but for whom?  I could have made it a doggie loft (I'll have to think on this one) but I just wanted it to look homey and make me feel good every time I went past.   So mission accomplished...



Built in quilt racks on the railings and I keep bed linens in the cupboard.

Old table that I had picked up for $10.00 in the Adirondacks somewhere and mom painted a wreath of blueberries and leaves around the top.

all of it makes me happy.

Friday, January 15, 2016

let discuss something less chilly

Like this nice warm photo my daughter sent me of one of her trips out on the lake this fall to fish.

First that is a great fish, Samantha.

Secondly, I love how happy she is in this photo.  Not being a fishing person, I assume the smile has to do with the size of the fish and that it was bigger than the ones caught by the boys (wink, wink).

So this is a great warm moment and thought for the day.

We all, Joel, Samantha, Nate, Mollie (Nate's girlfriend) and I, went out to dinner last night in Geneva, NY at the Beer and Brew to give Nate a final send off and spend sometime together in each others company...

I confess today having a heavy heart and a lump in my throat leaving the house this morning.  I guess maybe its the not knowing how long it will be before I see Nate again and him being far away, I am not sure...  I try to keep it to myself well because men just don't understand and I don't want people to think I am looking for sympathy (because I am not)...but here is my safe zone and I can be my momself and say whats on my mind right????

I seriously just enjoy my children's company, more so as they have become adults and left home.  They are never overbearing, rude or dumping their problems (yes, we talk about things) but they are sooooo self efficient, happy, fun and funny.  They make me smile, laugh and bring me joy just in their presence.

 This has always been the case but I appreciate it even more as Father Time has proven not to take advantage of his gifts of moments because they are not guaranteed.  I do take heed and try to remember this everyday, I am sure this makes me more sentimental and hence "more emotional" and that "oh, mom" but we all get to that "it mattered more than I thought" in our own time and place.

Right now to me it all matters, every moment, smile and hug.

so till next time, may the sun light you path and your angels be at your back,