warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Saturday, June 25, 2016

This is a pretty happy guy

even more so since we moved to the cabin.

men have a hard time admitting well, most anything.  If it has a feeling...run or freeze and pretend its not in the room.

But I've seen the change.

 See I came with baggage, the Willows, eighteen acres of someone else's dreams, cob jobs and undone projects.  It's hard to take that and make it your own, for some its impossible.  But he tried, if only to make me happy, I don't think I fully appreciated that.

Here at the Cabin its his acres, his vision, his time equals his equity.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Never goes as planned...

I hopped in the car Sunday at 11:00 to head to my fathers with his gift's for Fathers day.  Instead of a card I had a photo of Nate in his military uniform done, and instead of some piece of junk that would just accumulate I made him some favorites, crab salad and strawberry jam.

Plan was to see Dad, visit for a few and head to check on my Aunt who recently got out of the hospital and give her some surplus eggs and get home to work on some sewing I wanted to do.

As I head down the road to the farm I see the door open at my brothers garage, my other brothers truck and a piece of farm equipment sticking out of the door.  I guess that means they are working here today so I pull in and wish my brothers both a happy fathers day.

My father is off to buy parts.  He pulls in a few moments later and they only had one barring that he needed for the round baler, but they have one in Cortland.  So being fathers day and me being me, I offered to drive to Cortland to get him the part. Its about an hour drive, but I want to help out as my brothers are covered in grease, grinding away on some fresh welds on a large piece of machinery to smooth them out.

My sister in law, Shell and nephew, Trevor want to ride along, so off we go.

We get to Cortland, find the shelf where the part should reside, I have the box of the barring needed so we get it right.  Only to find, they did have the part but somewhere in the last hour and half, sold it. Ummmm... but...we need it.  OK, breath....  What other stores have this part in stock?  More phone calls, Binghamton...Waterloo? (nope, not on shelf), Geneva, they have two... Please ask them to hold one.

So after a drive thru to McDonald's, we had a hungry teenager in the car, we headed out for the hour and half drive to Geneva from Cortland, not to bad along Cayuga Lake on a sunny day.

I was glad to have Shell's company and Trevor's banter.  I truly love my family.  The part was on the service counter at the Geneva store, no one was around so I grabbed it and headed to the check out.

We returned with the part at 4:30 and the boy's went to work with many thank you's. I headed home and grabbed Joel the capicola sub he wanted for dinner on the way.  Totally did not get to my Aunts, still have extra eggs and sewed nothing.... but I made my dad happy.

Just gotta go with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do you mind?

I am eating.

No, Hagrid, I don't mind please continue to talk with your mouth full.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Room full of sunshine yellow

Before: when we looked at the house

Now: with my repairs to the walls and paint,Joel's new shelves it looks and works great.  I can now open the lid to the washer without it slamming down on my hand.  My hand thanks Joel.  I can't tell you how many bruises I've had and each time it still caught me by surprise, the old shelf was too low to allow the lid to open all the way, so I would get my laundry in there and usually just as I was ready to add detergent, slam.....$5#@@ cursing !  There were folding doors, but they really were were in the way and more of a pain in the ass, than functional so we took them out.  And I don't mind seeing my supplies if they are organized.

Joel really took pains in putting in the shelving measuring all the supplies to make sure everything that had to go in here would fit.  Great Job, Professor! 

Shower door, bye, bye... I could not take a photo of the inside...it was that bad.  But not anymore.

simple, functional.  I like white, its easy to keep clean.  Really...I'm serious.

not much going on just a toilet and the necessary paper.

Walls were painted my favorite, Valspar: Tea Light and I found some discounted, PERFECT, 50% off curtains for the window and shower.  Happy dance did occur in the aisle of the store, but only for a moment, I don't trust surveillance cameras to not go viral.

No these fabrics were not on the same shelf nor were they from the same manufacture but they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

We removed basic towel holder and toilet paper holder that was there and added our wrought iron ones that we brought from the Willows.

My yellow walls, shelf that my brother made me years ago, with a painting by my mom and our housewarming gift.  A very special plunger.  Yep, its a shotgun plunger and it sounds like a shotgun.  I've had plenty of time to think about this and if we ever have an intruder, I am heading for the bathroom and shooting this off from the behind the door.  Anyone in their right mind is going to run like hell when they hear this thing go off.   I think this could be the best home defense gift ever.

This looks so nice and fresh with the yellow walls.

I am extremely pleased with how this bathroom turned out.  I am still waiting for the shower to be fixed.  It needs a new drain, because right now water just pours on the basement floor and I bought new bling to replace the shower handle and head, the old ones could NOT be saved.  But the walls above the shower are all fixed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry Moon and other delights of the day

we had a surprise visit yesterday from young Jonathan and Samuel with fresh peas and strawberries.
They are really sweet Amish boy's from next door.  I am all stocked up with Popsicle's and fudge bars for their next visit.

With fresh peas, I had to make some chipped beef for dinner.  It was yummylishus!

I patiently waited for the sun to go down so I could spend some time looking at the Strawberry Moon last night and I was not disappointed, the clouds stayed at bay for my viewing.  Then the storms rolled in bringing the cool air and making poor BooBoo a mess with the thunder.  I stayed in the guest room with him and that seemed to help his restlessness, so I could get some sleep.

BooBoo walking in our creek.  He loves to play in the water.

Monday, June 20, 2016

surprising reflections

a photo of a reflection.  Reflection of me. What I see is bits and pieces of all kinds of refection's. Of my past.  Of my mother. I see her eyes, her brows, her lips and chin.  Reflections of my present.  I remember taking this photo trying to capture something about how I felt at that moment, I didn't, couldn't get it to come through, so I gave up and just forgot about it.

This photo was taken over a year ago and I just stumbled upon it and played with the size, the light, the filters and all of a sudden it was there.

I remember getting dressed to go out with my mother in law and Linda and seeing her in the mirror. It was a surprise to look up and unexpectedly really see myself, shocking actually.

To see a grown woman, with life experiences, some wild and exciting, some tame, some just everyday boring wonderful, some so painful you wonder how your still here and looking so content and feeling beautiful.

She was fleeting. I still catch her, glimpses here and there.  I like her and I think she is lovely.

How lucky am I that I am she and she be me.

Guests are welcome


Before : One thing that still needs to be changed is the boobie light. I would like to find something used and fun to replace it with.

Room was repainted Navajo White

My most favorite lamps ever, they followed us from the Willows, well, really everything followed us from the willows for this room except the chair that came from Joel's parents this spring.  All I did was re-purpose and re-cover things.

dust ruffle was from our king bed and I cut it down to fit the queen.  I was having a horrible time finding a dust ruffle to match my brown aqua spread and one day I was going through and sorting the linens to see what we were keeping and what was going to goodwill.  I threw the matching pillow to the dust ruffle on the bed to get it out of the way and all of a sudden I realized these really go together and it looks really nice...then OMG the dust ruffle, I already have the perfect dust ruffle and off to the sewing room we went.

The aqua's and browns really create a soothing and calm color setting for a guest room.

My signed and numbered Carol Grigg, print "Waring of the Robes" when it was framed they inset arrowheads in the mat.  Its a large piece so I am lucky to have found a spot for it.  I almost thought I might have to let it go.  I really like her work and am lucky to have such a nice piece.  Being so large it is also functional in that with it I really don't feel the need for a headboard.

Cross stitch that I did have in a frame at one point, but I much prefer it as a pillow.

The window in this room works well to display this panel that my mother had done for the willows.  I couldn't leave it.  Every bit of it speaks of how well my mother knew me, the color of the ribbons, the leaves and berries and the old fashion diamond window panes.  She also used some antique glass in this as well as the corner pieces that were from a very old window that was damaged beyond repair.

I was pleased that a queen size bed fit so well in this room, even though in this photo it hardly looks like a queen.  I am still out on the curtains that I made.  Its a light fabric with sea greens shooting through it.  It works until I find something I love and I had the fabric so they cost nothing.

my old hired man's bed fits under the skylight and gives a cot for when the kids stay.  One of the little ones will be comfortable here.  I replaced the cushion and covering.

This fabric I found years ago.  It was a very full pair of curtains, for a few dollars at a sale.  I fell in love, I am still in love with this fabric.  Isn't it just marvelous?

Joel's parents offered us this chair and at first I had declined I just didn't know where I would put it, even though it is a very comfortable chair and I enjoyed sitting in it at their house.  After Nate moved all his things out to NC, I realized it would go nicely in this corner of the guest room and would be a nice reading place when I needed quiet.  I used one of the curtains to re-cover the cushions.  I am very pleased with the results.