warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Never ever love tap a spider

that is on your wife's leg.  First of all, a spider doesn't understand the little hint of a love tap (move away dear friend you are causing my wife to try and crawl out of the car going 60). 

No, a spider takes a love tap as a challenge.  Please forgive me but my lap is not the place for a challenge to the death, especially when it could be mine.

The spider when love tapped turns into a super sumo spider all eight legs turning in unison to visualize the threat, no, not my husband whom so gently smashed him, but me.  His little pinchers clicking with instant anger, looking for a place in my thigh to sink them in revenge.

Me, I was already trying to get away from the eight legged freak before there was a hint of danger, NOW I'm freaking the shit out!

Sweeping at his hairy little body until it fly's into the dash board and with the other free hand
smacking him to a satisfying bloody pulp. (note to self: need wet wipes in the car)

I then turn to my husband, who by the way is looking at me as if I had lost my mind and pronounced, "That is how you kill a spider!"

His lame reply: " I know honey I didn't think you wanted his guts on your pants."  Geeze, leave it to Joel to be sensitive at time like this... I could have been killed.

How did this all come about on a Thursday?   I went into work this morning and was told to leave, have a nice day, you will receive full pay.  They had to close the building due to a water main break and no restrooms. 
Nice... I wonder if tomorrow I shall be so lucky????

So I hung out with my husband and now we all know how that turned out. 

45 Allis Chalmers

This is what my dad and brothers started with.

This is how it looked this past weekend.

These guys amaze me.

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