warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Sunday, October 1, 2017

now on to Life in Lodi

because that is what is going on these days.  Some wonderful, some good, some horrible, but that is what it is Life in Lodi.

Since the last post, I have hauled rocks, built and planted new gardens, painted this and that, quilted, got a promotion at work, helped move a friend, added a new kitten to the family, found some wonderful antiques, gone back to school and lost my father in a tragic farming accident.

Ya, that last one has changed everything and nothing all at the same time, how is that possible. The worst phone call of my life, a fleeting 2 seconds, stopped the universe and in some ways its still stopped at that moment in time for me.  But yet I continue to watch everything moving around me.

 My dad and his crazy mule that he be bopped all over the farm in, getting wood, gathering sap and hauling feed.
 Dad and my younger brothers.  There don't seem to be any photos of me and dad, which makes me sad, but I was the one always on the other end of the camera making sure everyone else was in the shot.  So....
Yes, this is my daughter after she was sworn in at her new job with a police department and she is currently off at the police academy. 


  1. Hello my friend,what a terrible thing this is about your father and I am so sorry for you all,it must have been a horrible time and such a shock,I'm sending all the love that I can for you and my prayers and hope that one day you will smile again and your hurt won't be so great as you try to move forward.xxxall my love,Una.

  2. Una,
    Thank you, that means so very much. Hope this finds you well and happy across the pond. xoxox right back