warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bear Paws for Pop's

is the next quilt block on the sewing table.  I think the hexie quilt needs some applique but until I find out what I should be putting on it, it's on the shelf.

  I few weeks ago I saw a Bear Paw quilt done by the Amish in traditional calico and I knew that is what I needed to make for my Dad. 

 In all the fabrics that my Aunt Donna sent me home with last month, there were this green background, red background and a black background (not pictured) matching calico with a small floral, that I thought would be perfect and they are.  

The blocks are 14 inches and I will do 16 Bear Paw blocks and 4 blocks in the red calico with a black bear applique, at least that is the plan right now.

Sunday morning was baking day in my kitchen, by the time I was done, there were apple peals where no apple peal should be, my cloths went directly in the washer covered with flour and more flour. There were bits and pieces of dough everywhere, it looked like a pie war...but I won!

One for home, a few slices for dad, one for the office, two tiny ones for friends to celebrate their birthdays!

I am also working on my crazy quilt blocks (sorry no photo) and my sheep virtues, I am now on Peace, 9 down and 4 more (including Peace) to finish.

One of my nearest and dearest are still meeting on Thursday nights to crazy quilt, so I will get photos this week to keep you in the loop.

I did also spend sometime in the yard yesterday,picking up limbs, raking up pine cones, twigs and dog poop alley... Its been a long winter and the pups did not venture out into the field like they usually do, so their business needs to be cleaned up. At least they kept me company and looked sad that I had to work so hard on their behalf.  Now I just need to get the 4-wheeler hooked up to the wagon so I can haul it off to the yard waste pile in the woods.  Hopefully we will have some warm evenings so I can do it after work.  Tonight is tax night...sigh...hope its in our favor this year.

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  1. Goodness, those pies look so totally yummy...I so wish I could reach in and grab a big slice for breakfast! I like your Bear Paw plan and those fabrics, and your little stitched lamb is adorable. I'm working on some lambs this week too! Have a fun day! :)