warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, February 26, 2016

Long awaited

Joel's Den

Photo I took when we looked at the house (so that's not my stuff)

and now....Quick.... I snapped a photo after Joel cleaned off his desk.

it even has a conference area...so he makes me and the cats sit in the chairs when he wants to talk and feel stately..... I don't mind.. the chairs spin.  The cats not so much I have no idea why cats don't like to spin in chairs, they chase their tails with no problem.  I seriously think there maybe something wrong with my cats.

I still have to make the cafe portion of the curtains.  Joel didn't want anyone to see into the office and that's the deal I made to get rid of the blinds that were there.  Sorry folks, I cant do the white blinds......can't do it...like nails on a chalkboard, can't do it.  I don't know why, maybe because they never work, suck to clean, that long rope thing with no purpose...

But anyway, I think he wants to work in his underwear so... I have to finish the curtains. I have the fabric and its on the list.

On a side note: It's been raining, that means mud and I will have to mop.  I hate rain.

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