warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, March 18, 2016

Let's face it they were tired

yes, even kitchen handles get tired after 23 years of dirt, grime, grease, water, steam...you name it and it happens in the kitchen.

The cabinets have seen better days, too but there are other things that need to happen at the cabin before a kitchen remodel so I took on the hardware.

It was of the vintage brass variety that was tarnished, weathered and turning green.  They needed some love so I removed all 40 (yep 40) and for 5 bucks from Walmart for a can of hammered finished black spray paint, I loved them.

Before:  (never mind the bowls, I was making caramel corn for my in-laws, yep that's why they love me)

After: all shiny and I like the lift it gives the cabinets.  It would have cost me a pretty penny to to change all 40 to a new handle and I most likely would then have to change them again when we remodel so why spend $400.00 when I can spend $5.00.  And a little elbow grease, I did have to scrub them prior to painting and they were not really eager to come of the cabinets so I had some heavy duty unscrewing to do.

This kitchen was designed for someone by someone who liked to bake and cook and I LOVE cooking and baking in this kitchen more so than I have ever, any where.  Poor Joel...

I will get some full kitchen shots next...now that I have finally found curtains.  I am really picky and it takes forever for me to find things that will be just right, but that's also due to the fact I find things that I will love for a long, long time. 

Joel and I were talking about the sofa the other day.  I realized it really should be replaced, its almost 20 years old, it survived the fire and I made them clean it, because I loved it so (and I know how long it takes me to find something I like) but I guess I should start looking, maybe in the next 5 years I will find one I will be happy with for another 25 years.

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