warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spa Baa Day

for Hagrid and Mangus.  Not that they really wanted a Spa day.  I think they would have been happy to stay boys of the 1970's with their long curly locks of golden smelly fleece.
As for having their "hoofs" done, I am sure that never entered their minds, but alas they needed to have them trimmed.


Along came Matt Frye "Matt's Shearing" from Lodi, NY he had met Joel through our neighbors and stopped to see when a good time to take care of the boys hair issues, and right then was the perfect time.  Joel had finished putting up the gate in the barn to trap the little rascals that very morning  so we put it to the test.

The hum of the electric shears began.  Matt made it look too easy.  Polite and professional he said after you do a few hundred its pretty easy.  He complimented the manners of the boys and claimed they were not as crazy as some he has handled.

He just rolled them around like butter and off came the fleece.

Your next big guy....

a little nail trimming...would you like to select a color?  No?  Just want out of this position you say.

I thought this was Spa day not Yoga.  Your so limber Mangus.

Just a little off the rump 

I guess this is where we started...oops.. a little out of order

Whats the matter, Mangus?  Chilly?  feeling a little exposed?  Naked?  Believe me you look better naked than most!

I know that "Mother how could you look" kills me.

I really thought they were a lot fatter than that under all the wool.

I really liked Matt and how he worked with the Sheep.  He will be back next spring to do this all over again.   That's right boys...Spa Baa Day every year!

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