warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, July 22, 2016

free shorts?

if I had known I would have gone long ago.  Really?  No, I am pretty sure my co-pay at the Orthopedic Surgeons today covered the cost of a whole box of the coolest paper shorts I've ever worn.               Disclaimer: not sure I would wear them swimming.

Let's see, looks like I have a torn meniscus, but we need insurance approval and an MRI to verify.   In the mean time I received a steroid shot to hopefully help with pain, but he said that it could take a few weeks for that to kick in.

I have mixed feelings.  I'm truly glad to have a diagnosis and to have had a doctor listen to me and my symptoms.  Yet, I wonder if I had walked in there today with the extra 120#s I previously carried for so many years would he have been so attentive? Or would he have been like the other's before him and ignore my symptoms, judge me by the scale and said "well if you lost the weight this would not be an issue".

 Sometimes it was not as nicely put and the thought just makes me frustrated at all the times I needed healthcare intervention and simply just had to deal with the pain because as a fat person I was responsible for everything that happened to me due to my metabolic issues.

Change is hard:

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