warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

left overs

I know not what you were expecting to see.

I am talking about the kind of left overs that people leave.  These were left on the deck when we moved in.  They looked a little different, they were white and starting to show some rusty spots, but fully functional. 

So here comes in my FAVORITE hammered finish paint.   LOVE, LOVE this stuff. 
I took the glass top out of the table before I painted it.  Added a new green fluffy cushion and perfection!

 So, if its food your looking for, never fear.
From the Kitchen today we have brisket lasagna.
You heard me correctly.
Brisket Lasagna...
How does a brisket lasagna come to be?
Well, lets take a man to a butcher shop...
does he buy a brisket to fit the family dynamic of two?
No, he sees a piece of meat the size of a piano and decides that's the one he's gonna cook.
So, this wife needs to start working on using food from the freezer.  Surprised that MOST of the yummy brisket ended up in the freezer?  Don't be....He ate it for almost two weeks, after I cut off a huge hunk and froze it.
He does cook a fantastic brisket.

and I just wanted Rice Krispy treats...with some fall sprinkles.

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