warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cha, Cha, Changes

I think that is how the song goes?
and it fits what has been going on here

Would you like me to shed some light on the subject?
I would love to

Before Kitchen:
 After Kitchen:

 Before Porch:
 After Porch:
 Before Office:
 After Office:
 Before Living room:
After Living room:


We also have some changes to the roof, garage door now doors, new people doors, doors where there were none and so much more to come...
new bathroom floor, new washer and dryer (to us) its not a new toilet but a fixed one, I told you so much has changed.
Halloween I humiliated myself as a unicorn...yes, you heard read correctly.
Worse part was one of the Amish workers between laughing hysterically asked if I was a mule?

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  1. So happy for you with all the lovely changes and improvements with your home. It is sure looking great. Enjoy.