warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, February 6, 2014


This is a Catzilla
Lastnight I watched this creature, stalk a rather large arachnoid, throw him around a bit, stalk some more and just when the arachnoid looked desperate for escape... Catzilla ate him, crunch, crunch... Victory for Catzilla.  At this point  I wished I was one of those tiny oriental girls from the Godzilla movies, so that I could sing the praises of Catzilla in that high squeaky voice (that no one can understand, but Catzilla) so he would continue to roam the house in search of these eight legged beasts.

Quite ironically this is all after last Saturday night we had a gathering for dice, cards, food and all around merriment that Noodle Ninja Warrior was totally freaked by my sister in law screaming she had a spider crawling up her leg, which my sister in law started slapping like a sissy school girl. Then not even an hour later my sister in law sits down at the table with a plate of snacks and SCREAMS because a spider thought she was Little Miss Muffet and decided to plop down next to her snack.  She goes flying across the room SCREAMING, after she trips out of her chair, basically she came un-glued.  Up until now I have never seen anything faze this tough as nails nurse.  But for this crowd that had some happy juice (apple pie moonshine) it was entertainment...

I think they are coming in with the wood for the stove. But now we have Catzilla to protect us, that is if he ever wakes from his beastly slumber.

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