warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Campers...

Yes, we are.. Finally.  After 3 years of looking we finally found a camper that fit us.  It is a beginner, not the Toy hauler dream of Joels, but it fit my specks and most importantly the budget.   I have missed my little pop up camper that I had when the kids were young.  I love to camp, I am just not a sleep on the ground, wait for the bears to jump on my tent and drag me off, kinda girl.

Many things to be excited about... camper.. cross your fingers and surgery will be in two weeks that is if I don't go stark raving mad crazy on this two week pre op, liquid, non-starchy veggie diet... OIE,  day two in and this witch is starting to twitch...

We did head to Canada last weekend for some time with the family to celebrate a bridal shower and of course had a blast.  I got to have a few moments to sneak off to a couple of fabric stores in Buffalo and run my fingers through some lovely fabric.... I did purchase some.... I HAD TO, IT WAS A FABRIC EMERGENCY...(to me).   My husband purchased me a ridiculously expensive purse for our Third Wedding Anniversary (which is today), but I LOVE it!

And get this... my best friend Noodle Ninja Warrior and her husband Captain Undercover Pants...wait for it, wait for it....became GRANDPARENTS....CONGRATULATIONS on your new little agent... I need to think of a code name for the baby...00dirtydiaper ? no she is too cute for that.... I know...00chubstercheeks, if I get permission I will post a picture of this most adorable bundle of baby.


  1. Nice 5th wheeler. You guys will have a lot of fun with it, I'm sure.

    A fabric emergency, eh? My wife has something like that from time to time. Usually it's about smocking or ebroidery, however.

  2. Hey an emergency is just that emergency and it makes "a happy wife, a happy life" right????

  3. I guess so, Tina. Besides, I've had "emergencies" in Bass Pro, Cabela's and Grizzly (woodworking) which she has (usually) allowed me to take care of without laying on too much guilt.

    ps. Congratulations to Sam on her graduation!