warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The good stuff

Our Amish neighbor came over to help when he saw us putting up the horse barn.  

Gingerbread Boot camp 2015 

We were missing Hailie but we made it work.  I do not know why my phone has been putting lines through my photos :(

Love all my kiddos, they just make life worth it.

Our tiny 2015 tree.  There just has not been time to go out and find a tree so making do with what we have.

We are still busy getting us and the animals settled in.  Warmer temps have been a blessing while we have had lots of outside work to do.

I find myself not getting a lot done in the evenings.  I sit down and the next thing I know its several hours later and my neck has a crick in it from falling asleep.  Nate was over last night to visit  find food and I sat down and promptly fell asleep, I woke up when he laughed at me.  I felt horrible about not being very good host.

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