warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, January 28, 2016

First, let me tell you

Cats are #$&% Jerks......

I finally (happy dance) found the box with my crock jar candle warmer, turned around to get the candle out of the box and the cat grabs the cord and pulls.  I watched it go down and I knew I couldn't reach it in time, so I had to watch it smash.  Then the race to kick the cats ass was on. Now I am not so sure I like the cat door to the basement it provided a too quick escape route for the offending party.

Last night we hauled the new antique chestnut table into the dining room.  Here it is with all 4 leaves in taking it up to 90 inches for when we have family gatherings or card/dice parties!

We decided to leave it with one leaf in for everyday use.  I love it.  It matches my chairs perfect.

I love the grain and the years of use this table has seen.

The bunnies seem to like their new home too.

Hope you find things in your day to make you Hoppy!

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