warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So now life is getting to its new normal

We have closed on both homes.  Said goodbye to the Willows and hello to the Cabin. I guess that's what I will call it for now.   I feel like I need to update my header and change it, since I am not stitching in the Willows, but we will see...
I am hoping to start bringing you some before and after photos

Here is my first: 

Before: the dining area

After: Dining Area

The light that was there was nice but it was not the lamp that my mom made for me so it had to go.
The chairs belonged to Grandma Hess and my mother had re-done the seats so they were a must keep, besides the fact that they have nice wide seats and are comfy.  The table is a make shift (from pieces and parts) until we find the perfect antique round table that we love.  I am also looking for a used round braided rug for the area.

I am getting used to my different drive to work.  This past weekend I got a new to me car so many changes all at once.

This weekend should be fun, I won tickets to the Seneca Lake Wineries "Pasta and Wine" Tour.  Samantha is going to join me, since Joel is not into the winery thing.  Should be a great Mother/Daughter time.  Now if I can figure out a way to get some fabric worked into it....

till next time may sunshine light your path and angels be at your back,  

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