warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, January 11, 2016

The time has come

for this young man to start his travels.

So I gathered the family and we had a hearty meal and granted him our best wishes for a fruitful career, safe journey's and many visits home to the people who love him the most in the whole world.

I raised you to go forth and do good things with the talents you have been gifted.  This doesn't mean I don't carry the worry of a mother in my heart for your happiness and safety.  So call...I mean it or so help me, I will call your commanding officer and you know I will.

In an effort to obtain this photo of Nate and my side of the family....

I had to deal with this.....brothers..... whom by no means know how to behave and I blame this on my mother.  First, because she is not here to defend herself but next because its her fault, she thought they were funny and let them repeatedly get away with their antics.

See what I mean...here are their saintly wives that can do nothing with them as you can see by the rabbit ears they are BOTH wearing.

and this is nothing new...I've been dealing with these two hooligans since the very start.  What is so hard about look at the camera and smile.  Ugh...cursed I tell you.

Miss Ollie helped me in the Kitchen all day.  

Sam and the cat...who lets her hold her like a baby.  The cat is putty in her hands.  To the rest of us she is a ball of fur with claws.

till next time, I hope the sun shines on your path and the angels are at your back, 

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