warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, April 29, 2016

cozy nights

at the cabin are simple.

Dogs at my feet.  One cat usually curled up on my chest and the other one where ever his weary body drops.  All snuggled in my flannel jammies, stitching on my current project. 

    Don't let that sleepy cute kitty fool you.  It's a big fat furry trick.  If one of the other animals moves he will spring the attack which then results with the victim trying to escape by any means necessary. Usually right through me, under me or over me.   I mean really, look at Zeke's face... it says "That fat *%$# is right behind me, isn't he?"   BooBoo has learned to slowly open one eye to see the lay of the land before he dares pick up his head.   I wish BooBoo would just go over and sit on his FAT head with all 125 pounds and show him who is boss.

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