warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Warm glow

of Mama's light made the dining room look rather romantic the other evening. I tried to capture it with my phone.

But alas, nothing romantic has been afoot here.  Joel has been out of town working in Buffalo since the middle of March and I expect that they might keep him busy for another few months.  The income is welcome.

Last week I was down for the count for 4 days with the flu so there really isn't a whole lot to report. On the nice days when I could have been doing something outside I was counting logs that need to be dusted.

Miss Kitty Cat looking to get into trouble.

and another fresh out of the hoop.  This one took me a while to complete so I have taken a break from the series and started a new cross stitch to break up my stitching and of course there is some thing on the cutting table for the machine to stitch.

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  1. Well hello again,my you have been busy..I love your embroidery how sweet it looks is this part of a set that you are doing.I think that your home looks beautiful without the bushes in front,you can see your lovely home now it's not hiding,until next time,take care.xxUna.xx.