warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, June 20, 2016

Guests are welcome


Before : One thing that still needs to be changed is the boobie light. I would like to find something used and fun to replace it with.

Room was repainted Navajo White

My most favorite lamps ever, they followed us from the Willows, well, really everything followed us from the willows for this room except the chair that came from Joel's parents this spring.  All I did was re-purpose and re-cover things.

dust ruffle was from our king bed and I cut it down to fit the queen.  I was having a horrible time finding a dust ruffle to match my brown aqua spread and one day I was going through and sorting the linens to see what we were keeping and what was going to goodwill.  I threw the matching pillow to the dust ruffle on the bed to get it out of the way and all of a sudden I realized these really go together and it looks really nice...then OMG the dust ruffle, I already have the perfect dust ruffle and off to the sewing room we went.

The aqua's and browns really create a soothing and calm color setting for a guest room.

My signed and numbered Carol Grigg, print "Wearing of the Robes" when it was framed they inset arrowheads in the mat.  Its a large piece so I am lucky to have found a spot for it.  I almost thought I might have to let it go.  I really like her work and am lucky to have such a nice piece.  Being so large it is also functional in that with it I really don't feel the need for a headboard.

Cross stitch that I did have in a frame at one point, but I much prefer it as a pillow.

The window in this room works well to display this panel that my mother had done for the willows.  I couldn't leave it.  Every bit of it speaks of how well my mother knew me, the color of the ribbons, the leaves and berries and the old fashion diamond window panes.  She also used some antique glass in this as well as the corner pieces that were from a very old window that was damaged beyond repair.

I was pleased that a queen size bed fit so well in this room, even though in this photo it hardly looks like a queen.  I am still out on the curtains that I made.  Its a light fabric with sea greens shooting through it.  It works until I find something I love and I had the fabric so they cost nothing.

my old hired man's bed fits under the skylight and gives a cot for when the kids stay.  One of the little ones will be comfortable here.  I replaced the cushion and covering.

This fabric I found years ago.  It was a very full pair of curtains, for a few dollars at a sale.  I fell in love, I am still in love with this fabric.  Isn't it just marvelous?

Joel's parents offered us this chair and at first I had declined I just didn't know where I would put it, even though it is a very comfortable chair and I enjoyed sitting in it at their house.  After Nate moved all his things out to NC, I realized it would go nicely in this corner of the guest room and would be a nice reading place when I needed quiet.  I used one of the curtains to re-cover the cushions.  I am very pleased with the results. 

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