warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, June 20, 2016

surprising reflections

a photo of a reflection.  Reflection of me. What I see is bits and pieces of all kinds of refection's. Of my past.  Of my mother. I see her eyes, her brows, her lips and chin.  Reflections of my present.  I remember taking this photo trying to capture something about how I felt at that moment, I didn't, couldn't get it to come through, so I gave up and just forgot about it.

This photo was taken over a year ago and I just stumbled upon it and played with the size, the light, the filters and all of a sudden it was there.

I remember getting dressed to go out with my mother in law and Linda and seeing her in the mirror. It was a surprise to look up and unexpectedly really see myself, shocking actually.

To see a grown woman, with life experiences, some wild and exciting, some tame, some just everyday boring wonderful, some so painful you wonder how your still here and looking so content and feeling beautiful.

She was fleeting. I still catch her, glimpses here and there.  I like her and I think she is lovely.

How lucky am I that I am she and she be me.

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