warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hey, I have some finishes

yes, you heard that correctly... FINISHES.

Flat Fold Finishes to be in compliance with full disclosure.  (Sorry sometimes my "other" life spills into my "fun" life)

I took a few days from the "other" life and many small, a few medium and one large project have started, finished and we are still working on it....

Saturday I did laundry and hung it out to dry, about a 1/2 hour later I was walking under the cloths line and it snapped and my laundry landed in the lawn.  I nonchalantly walked past Joel and said "the clothesline just snapped" and went in the house.  He stood there in disbelief that I was so calm.  Because in the magnitude of things that happen due to the prior poor upkeep of this home, nothing is shocking any more. Just taking it one mess at a time, but still loving this house, despite all the flaws.

So that was just one of the small projects, turned out pretty funny, too, more on that to come.  I have new sink in the master bath (it was cracked, rusty and caked with lime scale).

Joel in an action shot...dare to say the sink itself did not come out, so I have a whole new top and my Craigslist sink will have to find a new home. I will share more when the room has its fresh paint.

According to my daughter, I am a Home Depot traitor (she works there part time) because I got my paint at Lowes.....GASP... how dare I love Valspar more than Behr paint, but I do.

 After 4 months I finally have the shower cleaned in the downstairs bath and what finally worked to get the caked crud off was toilet bowl cleaner.  My fingers are blue but that shower is %$**# clean.  I have cut out all of the ruined sheet rock and re plastered, sanded, re plastered and am one sanding away from being able to paint, this is the big project, with photos to come

New sofa gets delivered today, so I will get photos of that, too!  Loads going on, making progress on sewing projects as well!

So toodles, I need to get sanding.

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