warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tools, men and their tools

I know this is different for every man, each having their coveted tools.  Every so often a situation will arise that makes us question where we fall in line with our men and their coveted tools.

Such an occasion presented it self on Saturday after the ceremonial breaking of the clothesline.

On to do other errands, I added to my list of things to buy, good sturdy pulleys, clothesline, clothesline separators.  As the evening cooled and the shade came to the back yard we decided that it would be a good time to get the new line up.  We chose to take it from the side of the house across the deck to the large tree in the back.

My husband is a commercial electrician, which means a good deal of his work is high up in the rafters of industrial buildings, so one of his tools of the trade is a ladder.   I've lost count as to how many ladders of different composition and size he owns, safe to say its "a lot".  So as a lover of ladders he is particular about how they are hung or used, very particular.

Joel heads to the tree with a very tall ladder and proceeds to scale high into the tree and I felt compelled to run to the base of it to make sure it stays put.  Joel politely tells me that little ole me is not going to stop the ladder if it decides to go, but if I need to be there I should stand back in case he drops a tool.  Do I listen???  

Samantha is on the deck handling the rope and pulley on her end, I am on the ground, looking up and start smelling something very fowl.  I glance up and notice the source of the smell, my husband has stepped in dog poop, and it is now on his shoe and a big ole glop on... yes, his ladder.  So being the supportive, sensitive, STUPID wife, I point out he has poop on his shoe, he looks down and sees that its on his precious ladder.  I hear "damn it, now its on my ladder" and he goes to swipe it off the rung of his ladder with his shoe that is encased in poop too.  I know you can see how this ends... Maybe with his wife getting a face full of flying poop?  Thank god at this point I was not yapping.

He comes down looks me in the poopy face and says " Now I have to wash my ladder!"  I mention that he could have waited... his reply "I told you not to stand there".  I couldn't argue with that so I just started laughing.

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