warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Saturday, June 4, 2016

All the angles

So I feel like I finally have everything in place for the downstairs living area.

New Sofa                                                                                                                

with focal views of the fireplace and TV

View from the kitchen

So now the only thing I need to lose in the living room is the wall that turns into a water feature when we have a heavy rain.  Yep, water feature.  The wall right of the TV has water pour down the logs during a windy rain, the first evening it happened it was quite unexpected as it looked like the wall had come alive then upon closer inspection you could see where the logs did have some water staining that indicated it was not the first time it had happened and I don't mean a trickle, I am talking a 3 ft span where water was just running down in a sheet.  Nice.  This will get dealt with when we put a new roof on.

Yes, we need a new roof.  Joel went to clean the gutters a few weeks ago and the asphalt shingles are in such bad shape that they no longer have the gritty surface to them because it was all in the gutters.  This explains the gutters overflowing constantly and now I have what looks like a sandy beach at the end of all the gutters.


  1. Hi hunny bunny,Just popped into see how you are doing...Glad all okay, can't believe its been over 5 years ago that I left the blogging world behind..I'm thinking of starting up again..Will let you know if I do :)
    Take care hun,
    Sue aka mrs snow from across the pond :)