warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, June 6, 2016

Rub a Dub Dub

I am exhausted...but I got both bathrooms painted this weekend and put back together.

Master Bath Before
 (photos are from when we viewed the house)

Joel working and not getting very far with that sink

Mission accomplished.  No more laminate (not my original goal) but I am pleased. I guess only because I had managed to get the stains out of the laminate.

I do feel this is a much more pleasing look than the laminate.

The walls were painted, Valspar's Lip balm.  It is a very light beige with a hint of pink. 
This bathroom was not easy to paint.  There was a ton of cut work due to the small walls and several door ways.  This room should have been a couple hours tops but it was all morning.

I had to repair several spots on the walls.  A couple were from us putting in the new vanity, but on the window wall there were some old repairs that were not pleasant to look at so I re sanded, re plastered, sanded, plastered again with a final sanding, now it looks great.

I gave all the wood a nice scrubbing with Murphy's.

Joel's not fond of the pink tub.  I like it.  Its easy to keep clean and with that color you know if its dirty.

A sneak peak for the downstairs bath.  I painted the walls of the bath and our hallway my favorite Valspar's Tea Light (a pale yellow)  I can't express how I love this color.

There is no storage in this bathroom for toiletry's and such so I needed to find something for everyday supplies and for when we have guests.  Love the hooks for someone using a hairdryer or curling iron.

The light switch was something Joel had kicking around from when he did an electrical job eons ago and the people replaced the covers.  They were a horrible brass, so I painted them white.  I had enough to do the two light switch plates and one electrical outlet.

We will have to wait for pictures of this bath.  Joel needs to replace all of the showers plumbing fixtures as well as hang a rod for the shower curtain and I removed the broken shelving above the washer and dryer so I could fix the hole in the wall so we need to figure out what we want to replace it.  The glass shower door that was there was too far gone to save so it went in the trash (insert sad face).  I'm really trying to work with what we have due to the big ticket fixes coming up: roof, drainage (basement flooding), fireplace(water damage from cracked chimney) and garage expansion (because Joel's business and too many toys).

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