warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, June 24, 2016

Never goes as planned...

I hopped in the car Sunday at 11:00 to head to my fathers with his gift's for Fathers day.  Instead of a card I had a photo of Nate in his military uniform done, and instead of some piece of junk that would just accumulate I made him some favorites, crab salad and strawberry jam.

Plan was to see Dad, visit for a few and head to check on my Aunt who recently got out of the hospital and give her some surplus eggs and get home to work on some sewing I wanted to do.

As I head down the road to the farm I see the door open at my brothers garage, my other brothers truck and a piece of farm equipment sticking out of the door.  I guess that means they are working here today so I pull in and wish my brothers both a happy fathers day.

My father is off to buy parts.  He pulls in a few moments later and they only had one barring that he needed for the round baler, but they have one in Cortland.  So being fathers day and me being me, I offered to drive to Cortland to get him the part. Its about an hour drive, but I want to help out as my brothers are covered in grease, grinding away on some fresh welds on a large piece of machinery to smooth them out.

My sister in law, Shell and nephew, Trevor want to ride along, so off we go.

We get to Cortland, find the shelf where the part should reside, I have the box of the barring needed so we get it right.  Only to find, they did have the part but somewhere in the last hour and half, sold it. Ummmm... but...we need it.  OK, breath....  What other stores have this part in stock?  More phone calls, Binghamton...Waterloo? (nope, not on shelf), Geneva, they have two... Please ask them to hold one.

So after a drive thru to McDonald's, we had a hungry teenager in the car, we headed out for the hour and half drive to Geneva from Cortland, not to bad along Cayuga Lake on a sunny day.

I was glad to have Shell's company and Trevor's banter.  I truly love my family.  The part was on the service counter at the Geneva store, no one was around so I grabbed it and headed to the check out.

We returned with the part at 4:30 and the boy's went to work with many thank you's. I headed home and grabbed Joel the capicola sub he wanted for dinner on the way.  Totally did not get to my Aunts, still have extra eggs and sewed nothing.... but I made my dad happy.

Just gotta go with it.

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