warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Room full of sunshine yellow

Before: when we looked at the house

Now: with my repairs to the walls and paint,Joel's new shelves it looks and works great.  I can now open the lid to the washer without it slamming down on my hand.  My hand thanks Joel.  I can't tell you how many bruises I've had and each time it still caught me by surprise, the old shelf was too low to allow the lid to open all the way, so I would get my laundry in there and usually just as I was ready to add detergent, slam.....$5#@@ cursing !  There were folding doors, but they really were were in the way and more of a pain in the ass, than functional so we took them out.  And I don't mind seeing my supplies if they are organized.

Joel really took pains in putting in the shelving measuring all the supplies to make sure everything that had to go in here would fit.  Great Job, Professor! 

Shower door, bye, bye... I could not take a photo of the inside...it was that bad.  But not anymore.

simple, functional.  I like white, its easy to keep clean.  Really...I'm serious.

not much going on just a toilet and the necessary paper.

Walls were painted my favorite, Valspar: Tea Light and I found some discounted, PERFECT, 50% off curtains for the window and shower.  Happy dance did occur in the aisle of the store, but only for a moment, I don't trust surveillance cameras to not go viral.

No these fabrics were not on the same shelf nor were they from the same manufacture but they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

We removed basic towel holder and toilet paper holder that was there and added our wrought iron ones that we brought from the Willows.

My yellow walls, shelf that my brother made me years ago, with a painting by my mom and our housewarming gift.  A very special plunger.  Yep, its a shotgun plunger and it sounds like a shotgun.  I've had plenty of time to think about this and if we ever have an intruder, I am heading for the bathroom and shooting this off from the behind the door.  Anyone in their right mind is going to run like hell when they hear this thing go off.   I think this could be the best home defense gift ever.

This looks so nice and fresh with the yellow walls.

I am extremely pleased with how this bathroom turned out.  I am still waiting for the shower to be fixed.  It needs a new drain, because right now water just pours on the basement floor and I bought new bling to replace the shower handle and head, the old ones could NOT be saved.  But the walls above the shower are all fixed.

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  1. Hi Marie,your getting things done very nicely,I must say that I love the fabric you chose for your curtains and the way you have made the valance,very nice.take care.x