warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

With needle and thread

I've finished stitching the fall panel from Kathy Schmitz series.  Only have winter to go then to get them all made into wall hangings.  This one stitched pretty quickly in a weekend.

Next, I am finally starting the Mystery Quilt Along from Kaaren @ The Painted Quilt

I have almost all my house blocks completed.

Next, I picked up this book and love almost every project in it.
Its on top of my new stack of everything I want to do!
There is another project peeking out from the bottom I forgot to take pictures of.

The first one was this project that I had the exact fabric that was used in the book's example except I had it in blue and not red.  But blues seem to be my new go to color.  I turned the wall hanging into a pillow.

everything came from my stash.

but I have added to my stash.  I know I should hang my head in shame but I am not, because these fabrics are going to make some damn cute baby quilts.

And these well, no plans yet.  I just couldn't pass up the good deals and I loved the fabric.

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