warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, August 1, 2016


or they are filming a new end to Caddyshack?  Gophers is much more likely.

Yep, here are our Gophers.  Joel and Ben.  Aren't those nice names for varmits.
Joel looks all smug now that he has been able to start bringing his vision to fruitation. 

disclaimer: Joel did not like this photo, said he looked like a pig in a slicker.  I told him it was the suspenders that added ten pounds, not to worry.

So the start of the drainage project has begun.  Putting in direct drainage from the gutters on the house to a ditch that drains at the road.  Another ditch that will catch runoff from the negative grade in the front of the house and divert it before it reaches the house.  They have a few more issues at the back of the house regarding negative grade to work on as well as a blocked basement drain.  But that is tomorrow.

 We have estimates on the new gutters and are waiting on a few more for the roof.  Other plans are for concreate pads at the entryway to go under the new stairs and one leading out the back door the fenced in yard and the basement doors.  We will be changing the front of the garage by taking out the large overhead door and putting in two single doors to make it more accessible for two vehicles.
 ditch to the road
 solid drain pipe and perforated pipe.
 In front of the garage
 Coming off the vestibule down spout that currently just drained into the ground making a muddy mess.  This will be connected to a solid pipe heading for the road ditch.
  across the driveway.  Joel had put a stone cap around the well casing.
The sad part....they had to disconnect the stove so I had to order pizza.  Tragic.

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