warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mystery at the Cabin

About an hour before this photo was taken of the crime scene, in this very place was a rather large tasty ham.  Cooked for Sunday dinner and still retaining many, many yummy sandwiches.

But while I was outside (first mistake) we were robbed, a nasty meat bandit made away with dinner, lunch and more lunches.
So much for the watch dogs (second mistake) alerting us to trouble. Not a suspicious peep.

I have a few theories:

1.The screen was open and the silent meat bandit  made off with the yummy ham through the back door
2.Spontaneous combustion (not likely due to the lack of scorch marks)

3. Ham loving Aliens

4. Iron Man he smelled it through the open window (seriously this was a good ham) and he's fast

5. The huge Gophers from yesterday.

6. The pig came back to get it?

7.  Most likely the culprits are in photo #2.

Yes, here they lay all sweet and "Hello, mom, what's up?"  You two rat phinks is what's up!

Not a lick of evidence.  Don't try and blame the cats I know the cats didn't get it through the cat door and down the basement steps.  Nothing, not a smear anywhere.  They should give criminals lessons on how to clean a crime scene.  I want to know who ate the damn bone and is it going to reappear later and become lawnmower fodder.

Nice try guys, but I was looking forward to that ham sandwich so now, I am not going to eat your dog food as retribution.... I am going to let the cat eat it....

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  1. Hello Marie,oh dear l am splitting my sides with laughter....I know I shouldn't but I can't help it I'm sorry,,,I'm sure your ham would have tasted wonderfull to you and your family,but I could not be cross as your little theafs look so brilliantly cute and innocent.x.take care.x.Una.