warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative inspiration comes from different places for everyone

In my sewing room I display little bits from my life that make me happy.  

Like this small painting done by my mother for me.  Its my childhood home with quilts on the line.

Another shelf with a pillowcase doll my mom made me, a porcelain figurine that was moms when she was a child, a gourd bowl she painted and another small painting she did of a cottage.  

For several years I received these small paintings for Christmas and birthdays I cherish them.

Little things, my favorite children's book, that my Aunt gave me a few years ago. Little bird jar filled with pretty beads.  Pail full of treasures.

My pointy hat, that I wear with pride.  My tin FULL of buttons.  Miss Princess Frog that I made several years ago with her pet bee.  A daisy tea cup that was given to me as a child.

Ink bottles from my grandparents, tiny collector Breyer horses, lovely china cups full of my color pencils.

Pretty boxes to store not so pretty supplies.

My boards full this and that, my friends, family, baubles, shiny objects.

Pencil drawing by my mom I found after she passed, she left little bits like this and I treasure them. Notes from Mothers day, a book of coupons from Nate that I didn't have the heart to cash in because they are so precious to me.  There is no expiration date and I may need them when I am 92.


  1. Hi Marie,wow I really love this post,I think it's a very special one because you are sharing your most treasured possessions and your memories with us,I for one love all of your beautiful things,,I know you look in on me every now and then and I thank you for that too,I hope to soon get around to doing a new post it's been quite a few months,but I do have a mother at the great age of Ninty three and she is not having a good year,so I hope you understand why my posts are lacking.best wishes,Una.x

    1. Una,
      I totally understand. Spend every moment you have to spare with her, nothing will make up for it later, I know. Blessings to you both.