warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, August 15, 2016

In Joel's travels

He has a new gig, hauling and driving the Amish.  This day it was farrier day.

He has been working for a construction company, a farrier, and various others picking up lumber, delivering hay and he is enjoying himself immensely.

I guess this fella gave them a really hard time and took forever to shoe.  He was pretty high strung.  Can't imagine getting behind him in a cart.  But check out the cute foal that was watching from the stall.

I tend to think that only I have naughty animals and no control.  Joel took these to show me we are not alone.  Even the Amish have misbehaving animals.

Below everything is going as planned....LUNCH

 but then here comes Mr. Naughty.....

What??  I always eat with my feet in my dish... I don't like the short jokes from the guy in the next stall.   Excuse me but who are you and why are YOU in my barn.

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