warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

missing bones

It seems that these two have been at the heart of many a mystery here at the cabin of the late.
And never do they look like they could be the culprits of anything, let alone larceny.

Zeke does look a little concerned in this photo, right after I asked him where his bone was that I had given him about 25 minutes earlier.

It seems when they are not busy stealing HAM.  That they practice their craft on each other.

Today it seems that BooBoo is two for one.  He looks extremely pleased with himself.

As soon as one of them moves from their spot the other one zooms in and steals the other ones bone.  They never fight, just patiently wait for the other one to get a drink or go for a stroll and BAM, your bone is gone.

I have to say today I did not feel any sympathy for Zeke, he had just finished coming into the kitchen to trip see what he could get me to drop on the floor with unfair dog tactics.
(your right, it does upset me to be outwhited by pups)

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