warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, September 12, 2016

shut the front door

Yes, please its OK to shut the door now that it is all sanded,painted and doesn't look
like this anymore

Now its all nice and new looking.  I removed all the nasty looking brass hardware and painted it with
a hammered finish spray paint. I took the sample of our new roof and had them color match it.
Perfect place for the rug we got on our honeymoon in Turkey.

So at the suggestion of the Amish that came out to price new windows (this will have to wait) they said I could paint the trim around the windows, I hadn't notice there was even trim there due to the blah brown blending into everything.  Not anymore.  The difference it made with the new door and window trim is AMAZING!

Roof and Garage doors hopefully are starting early October.  Next week they come to give us the estimate to replace the defunct fireplace and have new masonry done on the front and the twisted wood mantel replaced (anything I put on one end rolls off) I hope they can schedule this ASAP. We have been looking at a dry stacked stonework.

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