warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Monday, October 3, 2016

pumpkin time...I love pumkins

Harvest moon...and then the first day of fall last week.
= the best time of the year

I tried in vain to capture the beautiful harvest moon.  The sky tiered from a light blue to a stunning pink and was crowned with billowing clouds and the moon set in the sky like a jewel.

So its pumpkin time.  I always have a few displayed because I love pumpkins.  But fall makes me able to have ALL my pumpkins out without people questioning my sanity.

I made a trip to Buffalo a few weeks ago and headed to The Christmas Tree Shop (love this place) with my mother in law.  Picked up a few new fall decorations for my shelf.

These pumpkins are out year round.  The curled stems just make me happy.  What's new is the wrought iron jar light.  A treat to myself from Tractor supply.  I am always amazed at what I find there.  What you don't see is the tiny spiral of wire inside that holds tiny lights.

In the back ground you will notice the fireplace and inside I have 13 self timer candles that flicker like real candles.  They come on every evening for a few hours and provide a perfect cozy setting.

I also got Mr Punkin Head at the Christmas Tree Shop.

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  1. Hi Marie,all I can say is wow...is that a wooden carved pumpkin...it's fabulous!!!!,..take care...Una...