warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Independence road trip

It started out as lets get in the car and go.  It ended up as a patriotic drive as we visited Fort Ontario and Fort Stanwix.

Both well worth the visit.

Lighthouse on lake Ontario that is next to Fort Ontario.  Lovely day on the lake

Infantry barracks and museum.  I loved the artifacts.  This fort played a roll in the War of 1812.  My grandfather Jonathan Chesley from New Hampshire was a veteran of the War of 1812.  He moved with his family to Waterloo, NY in the 1840's.

Joel with a unintentional placement of the flag coming out of his head.

Officers quarters.

next, destination.....

Joel was totally enthralled with the drawbridge mechanism and the massive doors.  If you notice the roof of the quarters to the left, they are two logs thick.  The construction of these places was amazing to me.

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