warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Friday, January 27, 2017

From the dark side of the moon

why?  because no one sees the dark side of the moon unless your brave and take a chance.  That is how I feel everyday when I go to my new job.  I took a chance and I LOVE what I get to do everyday.  It is more than I could have hoped for.
I miss a few of the people but I don't feel awful anymore, I don't feel stressed, I smile (and mean it).
With faith and working hard I am sure I can work my way up.

Its been a month and I have felt like doing things like exercise, moving my sewing room downstairs, quilting, reading.  I hope I can see more of the old (new and improved) me as the weeks progress.

I convinced Joel that he did not use the office enough to deprive me of the opportunity to sew more.  He agreed (GASP) so we swapped.  The results are below:

My first project out of the new sewing room that has been on my to do list forever!

Sam and her boyfriend and his nephew a few weeks ago.

My father and brother working on an Allis Chalmers restoration that my father began 20 plus years ago.  My brothers are amazing at these restoration projects.

Then just Zeek and the cat getting cozy and a cold winter night.

Its quiet here tonight, Joel has started working in Buffalo again this year and I am on my own for how long??? Joel calls it his yearly money grab and he will take the work till it fizzles out, maybe a few months.  He will come home a few weekends to catch up on sleep and keep his recliner molded.

The wind is blowing and rattling the windows and its supposed to get cold, cold again.  I have plans with Samantha tomorrow then the regular weekend maintenance (cleaning, laundry, old movies).

If you get a chance to be brave, this view from the dark side of the moon is worth it.

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