warm and cozy

warm and cozy

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snow Moon keeps it's word

and continues to bring us more white stuff everyday.

The bunny quilt disappeared from my kitchen...

the moment Sam walked in the house and saw it...it was hers.

I have finally...yes finally started hooking a kit that I purchased almost 20 years ago and as feared, I like it...damn.
But I have been thinking that cross stitch just has not been as enjoyable as it had in the past, trying to read the patterns and the linen work just has gotten difficult.  So they may just off set each other, we will see.  I am not usually a quitter.


  1. Do you think some of the lighted magnification products that are available in craft stores might help you to see better and relax a little more. Many of us are facing new challenges that we did not have to previous think about. The main thing is to just have fun. - Mary

    1. Mary,
      That might be worth a try I will look when I go to town. Thanks!